Lodge Future, Emil Kalden Hermann

Bs 50-50 :) Photo: Jair Deoleo

Bs 50-50 🙂 Photo: Jair Deoleo


Where do you currently live and where are you from ?

I live in NYC, USA and Im from Amager, Copenhagen.

Tell us about your board, size, what you like and so

I ride 8.5 917, 44 Ace, 54mm Spitfire and bones bearings.

Job ? school ? other ? I

Go to school in nyc. I am currently a sophmore.

Who got you into skateboarding ?

I got into skating through different people around me starting to skate, and me wanting to try new things.

What and who is your first skateboarding memorys ?

I would say, probably me learning how to like a half kickflip stall thing where your board is flipped over and you jump and it flips halfway. I learnt this on a globe cruiser board.


Photo: Jair Deoleo @jaemmde

Photo: Jair Deoleo @jaemmde


How many hours do you skateboard per week ?

I would say i skate an average of like 4 hours a day and 6 hours on fridays and saturdays.

How is your 2020 year going so far ?

Pretty bad, I’ve had a lot of plans go bad because of Corona virus and I miss all my friends from back home. Trying to make the most of things though haha.

Who do you skate with on daily basis ?

I usually skated with Louis everyday before I moved, but now I skate with most of my friends from over here. They’re all super chill.

Are you gettting some skate sessions in ?

Yeah haha. Skating like maybe everyday since I moved.

What is your to go to trick ?

Fs 5-O on tranny or Back tail on a ledge.

What are you planing for this FALL and winter ?

Just skate more and have fun.

How are you handing the corona virus ?

I’m keeping my distance and being more careful, all while having fun I would say.

Do you think the world will be better after the corona virus ?

I really don’t have an idea as to what will happen after. I just hope this pandemic opens the eyes of people who neglect global warming and such.


How is your day looking at the moment ?

Pretty good, looking forward to getting a nice long nap.

Wanna tell us about your local skatespot ?

Back home in Denmark, I would skate fælledparken every day, but now I just kinda switch between Mccarren and riverside skatepark.

Do you have any secret hobbies ?

Not really. I like to draw sometimes and I love reading manga.

Any special plans for the future ?

Really not sure, haven’t thought that far ahead yet. Guess just try to be more open to new things and have fun.

Do we know you for the better now ?


Last words, thank you, other, did we miss anything ?

Thanks so much for having me, and I’ll probably see you soon.

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