Lodge Future, Louis Müller Gustafsson

Front Five-o grind Photo: unknown

Front Five-o grind Photo: unknown

Where do you currently live and where are you from ?

I live in nordvest, and i have allways lived around here

Your board size

I skate 8.5 board, 5.8 ventures and some 56mm spitfire


I go to school in malmö on bryggeriets gymnasium, and I work part time in Streetmachine

Who got you into skateboarding ?

My littlebrother he got really into it, and then I got pretty intrested in it when he was showing me videos and stuff.

What and who is your first skateboarding memorys ?

Skating Parken in the winter

How many hours do you skateboard per week ?

probably around 50 hours

How is your 2020 year going so far ?


Who do you skate with on daily basis ?

Emil, Oscar, alvin, isak and so on

Are you gettting some skate sessions in ?

Yes, i have been skating a lot on jarmers the last couple weeks

What is your to go to trick ?

Bs big spin

What are you planing for this FALL and winter ?

Skate With emil when he comes back from NY, and try to film some stuff

How are you handing the corona virus ?

no hugs, not to many handshakes and i try to avoid metros, trains and busses as munch as i can.

Do you think the world will be better after the corona virus ?

I hope that it will lead to a more sustainable world, we kinda have the oportunity to restart everything which could be good.



How is your day looking at the moment ?

Im in my bed right now but the weather is looking good so probably a good long session in parken

Wanna tell us about your local skatespot ?

Ghettoparken, it’s really sick there is ledges, bumps and there is a nice atmosphere

Do you have any secret hobbies ?

idk, i like to make clothing designs on my computer

Any special plans for the future ?

Travel, Skate something different

Do we know you for the better now ?

I think so


Emil and I in a New York subway last year

Last words, thank you, other, did we miss anything ?

Thanks for having me:)

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