Lodge Future, Vitus Silas Henriques Nielsen Sondrup

Kickflip at SEB spot, Copenhagen a while back, Photo: unknown, credit coming

Kickflip at SEB spot, Copenhagen a while back, Photo: unknown, credit coming


Where do you currently live and where are you from ?

I’m from Denmark and currently live in Holstebro, Denmark, ca 4 hours from Copenhagen.

Tell us about your board, size, what you like and so

I ride a size 8,38 – I ride welcome decks so shapes and sizes are sort of odd, but they’re really nice. Welcome graphics are always on point as well.

Job ? school ? other ?

I go to school 8th grade.

Who got you into skateboarding ?

Got a board for Christmas and was on and off for two years or three years. My dad built a mini ramp in our backyard and it kinda became a hangout for the locals for a couple of summers.the older guys were super helpful and inspired me to progress early on.

What and who is your first skateboarding memorys ?

Searching for the “beginners zone” in fælledparken on a busy summer night, not realizing that there was no such thing. Must have been like seven years old.

How many hours do you skateboard per week ?

5-20 hours per week depending on my school schedule.

How is your 2020 year going so far ?

Skateboard wise pretty good – had a couple of nice trips to Copenhagen, malmø and Rotterdam . Also my local indoor park is getting a makeover in time for the winter season.

Who do you skate with on daily basis ?

I don’t skate on a daily basis but when I do it’s always with the locals from holstebro and herning.

Are you gettting some skate sessions in ?

As much as possible – But it’s also important to chill.

What is your to go to trick ?

Don’t know – maybe Front feebs on handrails.

What are you planing for this FALL and winter ?

If possible some trips to visit friends in Copenhagen and malmö, maybe bryggen street contest (if it’s on this year) who knows.

How are you handing the corona virus ?

I’m pretty sure I’ve already had it. We went snowboarding in norther Italy just before the big euro breakout. A few days later we got back everybody came down with the worst flu. We were not allowed to get tested even though all the symptoms were there, it was messed up. All good now though – keeping to ourselves – sort of.

Do you think the world will be better after the corona virus ?

It was definitely better before. It’s such a hazzle.

How is your day looking at the moment ?

Get up, go to school, chill, skate, eat, sleep, repeat.

Wanna tell us about your local skatespot ?

I am pretty blessed – the local indoor skatepark Hal 19 is like 300 m from my house, and it is getting a complete makeover. It’s not that big and the layout is pretty mellow, but it is good fun and the scene here is growing. Also a 30 minute trip train ride away there is Terminalen skatepark in Herning, a big indoor park. Normally those places are not too crowded, so no stress.

Do you have any secret hobbies ?

Padel tennis – too much fun

Any special plans for the future ?

Keep skating and see how far I can go.

Do we know you for the better now ?

I should think so ! Cheers


Rotterdam teenage riot open.

Last words, thank you, other, did we miss anything ?

Thanks for letting me be apart of the lodge future – means a lot.

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