Lodge Future, Oscar Guldberg


Where do you currently live and where are you from ?

From Vanløse, Copenhagen, at the moment  i live in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

Tell us about your board, size, what you like and so

I mostly skates 8.5 boards, 149 trucks, 56mm wheels and bronson raw


Right now i’m in 8. Grade on NY hollænder School in Frederiksberg

Who got you into skateboarding ?

My moms boyfriend have a friend who skates. Then he gave me an Old complete board and introduced me. And i just thought it was really fun

What and who is your first skateboarding memorys ?

I remember skating parken alot when i first started

How many hours do you skateboard per week ?

I skate almost everyday,  so LOTS  of hours

How is your 2020 year going so far ?

It’s going fine so far, but im so tired of corona

Who do you skate with on daily basis ?

Emil, Louis, Isak, lazerlars, Alvin, Aske and so on

Are you gettting some skate sessions in ?

Yeah! We’ve been skating alot of street lately

What is your to go to trick ?


What are you planing for this FALL and winter ?

Not that Much just to skate and have fun

How are you handing the corona virus ?

Wash hands, Keep distance and skate

Do you think the world will be better after the corona virus ?

On some points yeah, i Think many People Will have a better hygiene




How is your day looking at the moment ?

Great! I just Got holidays

Wanna tell us about your local skatespot ?

I live right beside Carlsberg, but i mostly skates in Fælledparken

Do you have any secret hobbies ?

Sometimes i draw

Any special plans for the future ?

Just skate and have fun and i really wanna try skate in Paris

Do we know you for the better now ?

I hope so



Last words, thank you, other, did we miss anything ?

Thanks for this

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photos credits: isak and louiee

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