Lodge Future, Isak Tullin

Varial flip on røde plaza, Nørrebro, Copenhagen photographer: unknown


Where do you currently live and where are you from ?

Copenhagen denmark

Tell us about your board, size, what you like and so

8,5 i think its just perfect, idk why.


Primary school, Copenhagen

Who got you into skateboarding ?

My dad skated when he was young so, he inspired me a lot to do it.

What and who is your first skateboarding memorys ?

I remember, before i skated. i was on a trip to italy, we where in the mountains , and there just stood a mini ramp, so random spot in the woods. there where some locals who skated it. and that’s possible my first skateboard memory.

How many hours do you skateboard per week ?

idk. like maybe 20 hours.

How is your 2020 year going so far ?

it’s alright, besides from all the corona virus and the murders the american police has committed.

Who do you skate with on daily basis ?

Alvin, oscar, louis, lars, hannah, emil

Are you gettting some skate sessions in ?

Yes, fælledparken, Copenhagen and some street atm.

What is your to go to trick ?


What are you planing for this FALL and winter ?

Not much, just chilling

How are you handing the corona virus ?

i’m washing my hands when i get home, when i arrive somewhere, and if i can’t wash them with water and soap imma use hand samuraier. and just using a mask where im told and so on.

Do you think the world will be better after the corona virus ?

Maybe, we’ve at least learned something, like to have better hygiene, and stuff like that.




How is your day looking at the moment ?

7:30 waking up. 9:00 – 15:15 school. 15:30 – idk = skateboarding

Wanna tell us about your local skatespot ?

Enghave skatepark. there not much to say. it’s full of scooters.

Do you have any secret hobbies ?

Hmm, i play guitar.

Any special plans for the future ?

i’m going to paris this spring, if corona virus allows.

Do we know you for the better now ?

idk i guess so:)


slappy feeble on røde. photo: virus bo


Last words, thank you, other, did we miss anything ?

s/o all the homies!

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