Lodge Guest, Ciprian-Adrian Andreca

ollie at the secret spot in Aalborg photo: Tomas Bukoven



What is your name ? Ciprian-Adrian Andreca

Where are you from ? Baia Mare, Romania but now I live in Copenheaven

How old are you ? 24

Sponsors ? dagpenge

Board, Trucks & Wheel size ? 8.125 Koloss, hollow thunders just wide enough and 58 wheels

What is your normal skate terrain ? stairs and tranny





Why do you skateboarding in the first place ? my downhill mountainbike broke and I had money to fix it but the shop didn’t have the parts so I spent the money and when they got the parts I saved again just to find out that they’d sold out already so I bought a skateboard

Tell us how a great day is looking for you Wake up before 8 and eat, read/write e-mails and draw stuff until noon, eat again and then go wonder.

Any hobbys besides skateboarding ? I just bought a balalaika. Let’s see how that goes…

Do you think your parents wanted you to skate ? back when I started my dad said he’d split my board with an axe if I ever broke anything.

What is the future of skateboarding ? How do you see it ? power to the people

How are you doing at the moment ? Are you fit for fight ? Broken toe, 2 month break 🙁

Who do you normally skate with ? more and more people. I’m new in town.

What is your plan this summer ? take it as it comes

What is the future of vert, street or bowl ? Do you see any new directions ? back to the roots

What motivates you at the moment ? life

Any thank you’s ? all of them

Random storys ? day by day life

grab her by the melon in Bregenz, Austria. photo: random

How does it feel to be on the lodge ? cozy

Best Lodge interview / post you have read and why ? The one with Esben Garder from Aalbog. I lived there for the past four years and it was really nice to learn some of the stories behind the skate scene I saw there.

What do you want to know about other skateboarders, do we miss a question ? that one rare song I can share is: Pete Miller – LSD

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