Wednesday Vertical Legend Bob Joosten

Please welcome Holland’s Legend  Bob Joosten ! 



Name: Bob Joosten

Current: job / school: Freelance Filmmaker.

Where are you from? Utrecht,  Netherlands.

Where do you currently live? Helsinki, Finland.

Kids / family status: Married

Age: 40

Sponsors: Nothing official, but get love discount and products from Ponkes skateshop, Emerica, Independent.

Board size: 8,5

Wheel size: 58mm

Trucks: Independent

I change set up every,  Time I need to.

When I chill, I chill with,  My Homies from Utrecht when I’m there.

Im have been on a mission lately in,  (with) Sascha Meuller. Skate vert in Den Bosch and Bonn with Ingo Frohbrich (last summer 2015).

Lately i have been,  working on everything that I used to do on my skateboard.

When I was little I would like to, play icehockey

When im home I like to,  chill with our cat Minni.

Normaly call my homies for, for a nice mellow skate session or/and a good night out.

Your homies are, Sascha Meuller, Mark van der Eng, Anders Tellen, Ingo Frobrich to name a few of the vertskaters I enjoy session with. The #030crew in Utrecht and the homies from the RBM hockey team here in Helsinki.

I enjoy to,  go fish and chill at our summerhouse.

Favorite drink is,  coffee, Grolsch beer or a nice glass of wine.

Favorite food is,  Indonesian food.

When I cook, I cook anything, I love to cook , and prepare food everyday.

I listen to anything,  that I’m in the mood for from metal to electronic music.

To go to resturant is,  Hoku in Helsinki and restaurant des Arts in Utrecht

Favorit skateboarders,  Mike frazier, Max Schaaf, Mark Gonzales, Robby Buttner, Mark vd Eng, Brian Howard, Chris Miller just to name a few. 

Favorite skatepark,  STHLM skatepark, Den Bosch skatepark,.

Favorit spot,  the ramp in Reinaue Bonn.

TOP 3 citys Utrecht, Tampere

When I do not skateboard,  I like to play Icehockey.

My fitness program,  should take shape real soon!

When I get old,  I want to be healthy and active!

I would like to see more of,  indoor vertramps build soon in Helsinki! Or just one would be enough!

That one time where I was in jail,  for hours because me and some friends where running around with toy guns (1992).

I should do more of,  skating vert with my homies

My future looks like,  To be in Finland

The book I currently read is,  “the power of habit”

I currently follow ( sociale media) Several people on Instagram.

Anything else & thanks, I would like to thank skateboarding and all the rad individuals that I have met over the years and nice places that I have been able to travel to because of it. I feel fortunate and even that skateboarding now a days is not the biggest part of my life anymore, it is a big part of me as a human being that cannot be taken away from me.

Hope to see you guys out there for a nice shred on the U ramp soon!

Thanks BJ !! 

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