Lodge Guest, Sebastian Wang-Holm


Current: Job / school:

Learning French during the week, working weekends in Streetmachine

Where are you from?

Sorø, 1 hour from Copenhagen

Where do you currently live?

Frederiksberg Copenhagen

Kids / family status:

Family lives in Sorø




Quasi Skateboards, Fourstar, Streetmachine, Pasteelo.

Years of skateboarding:

who knows?

Board size:


Wheel size:


Trucks: Independent  


I change set up every:

I change my board every two weeks.

When I chill, I chill with:

The streetmachine & jarmers crew

I’ve been on a mission lately in ( with):

Last time I was on a mission was in Dubai with Emil kjeldsen and Douglas Meurling

Dream session is:

A sunny day on jarmers with all the boys

Lately i have been working on:

I’ve been working on a small WDBM part with Frederik Bengtsson and also the Tor Ström movie, which should be out soon

When I was little I would like to:

eat pancakes for breakfast

When im home I like to:

nap, eat and watch TV

I normaly call my homies for,

Skateboarding, food, movies.

Your homies are,

Streetmachine family, Jarmers crew, sloppy satan crew & The dubai boys






I enjoy to go to,

The airport

Favorite drink is,

ice tea

Favorite food is,

moules frites

Favorite drug,

I don’t do drugs

When I cook,  I cook, 

lately I’ve been cooking a lot of different types of pasta

I listen to, a lot of different stuff,

Tame Impala, new order, pet shop boys, allah-las etc.

To go to resturant is,

if you’re ever in Dubai, go to The Palace, they’ve got a lobster buffet.

Favorit skateboarders, 

Josh Kalis.

Favorite skatepark,  


Favorit spot,

Jarmers plads

TOP 3 citys,

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Copenhagen

My fitness program is,

non existent

When I get old I want to,

Have a house and a dog

I would like to see more of,  

Yaje Popson footy

I should do more of,

Healthy eating

My future looks like,

I wish I knew

I dream of,

getting accepted into uni

The book I currently read is,

Thoughts from a cannibal

I would love to be in a movie with,

Zara Larsson

I currently follow ( sociale media)

Friends, Music artists and cool skate brands.

Anything else,

Thanks everyone who’s been helping me out. Thanks Lodge!

Thanks SV for supporting the lodge  !! 


Solid varial heelflip in Copenhagen (2014). Photo by Morten Westh

Solid varial heelflip in Copenhagen (2014). Photo by Morten Westh

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