Lodge Guest, Morten Klingsøe

Name: Morten Klingsøe

Current: Job / school: I work and teach kids and young with Autism, ADHD etc. fantastic!!

Where are you from? Im from all around, Born in Roskilde.

Where do you currently live? Brønshøj, Copenhagen.

Family status: Engaged to the lovely Shila Scuzzarella together we have two wonderful boys Zacharias and Vegas

Age: 40

Sponsors: Fortunate enough to be skating Globe shoes for quite some years now, Thanks to KongsbakBrands

Years of skateboarding: Started 31 years ago

Board size: Current board “real” Busenitz 8,25

Wheel size: 53mm.

Trucks: thunder lights that kinda fits the boardsize

I change set up every: Every now and then, and when my brain thinks that something else or different would be better, its usually not.

Current Board trend: I do not really see myself following trends.

Please state your type of terrain on your board in hours, days and years or other

Street: I would love write 100% but the truth is around 50%

(Skatepark) Flow Street 48%

Miniramp: 2%

Long board: Do the math.

Vert: Wish I could

Bowl: A long time ago in a…





Your daily DAY by the hours, (or tell us about your longest day the last weeks)

 06.00 –Its Thursday which means that it my weekly skate day. Time to get up, make some coffee, put on some clothes, cut some fruits for breakfast, oats, milk, nuts and cinnamon. Wake up the kids, get them ready for their day at school and daycare.

07.00 – I might stress around a little…..getting ready to leave for work in 15 min. kiss and hug the family and off we go..

08.00 – Work, coffee, teach

09.00 – Work, coffee, teach

10.00 – Work, coffee, teach

11.00 – Work.

12.00 – Lunch with the students

13.00 – Break

14.00 – Work, teach

15.00 – Work,

16.00 – Work, starting to think about the nights session and which tricks I would like to do.

17.00 – Off work and on my way to pick up the kids, then come home and prepare dinner.

18.00 – Eat and pick food up of the floor.

19.00 – Doing the dishes, clean the tables, family related stuff….preparing the kids to go to sleep.

20.00 – Finally the kids are a sleep, and I am so tired at this point, usually the thought about cancelling the session crosses my mind but I get over it. Write my brother and getting ready for session.

21.00 – Skate

22.00 – Skate

23.00 – Skate

24.00 – the session is over it might have been good or less good, time to go home and get some sleep.


How are you doing at the moment? I am doing good, I´m in a good place, girl, kids, job, and a bit of skateboarding. Really can not complain.

How is your body at the moment , (injuries, knees, back, and so so ) ? I´m 40 years, and I have been working most of the time, I used to work as a skilled blacksmith for 10 years, that, and the fact that I have been skating most of my life, has left some marks on the condition of my body.

I have some issues with the left knee, I had it checked last season, shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. It gets tired and sore, and after a good session I can barely walk to my apartment on the 3rd. floor. My lower back also has its issues but I can exercise my way out of most of it.

Guess that is how it is, I´m really stoked that I am still able to even skate, even though I complain a lot.


Please comment your feelings about Skateboarding in the

80s – 89 is when it all started for me, I would say colorful and stylish…shred

90s – Baggy and tech. I took a break from skateboarding for a year or two in the mid-90ties an advice from my doctor and the fact that I hated the way skating was at the time. I started again in 96 I think.

2000 – I moved to Copenhagen in 98 I was living nowhere and my grandparents offered me a ticket to Copenhagen to start all over. It was a whole other thing. Skating started getting gnarly and hiphop-ish. I got to know of most of the Copenhagen skatescene both good and bad.

2010+ Whoa….

Do you feel skateboarding is in a good way ? Me and my skateboarding is in a good way. I am getting to old to really pay attention, I mean I watch most of the new clips coming out, being a skatenerd, and I see skating evolving and getting so gnarly both tech and gnarwise. I don’t really watch streetleague or any of that stuff, but the level is insane….

Where do you stand & please comment with skateboarding in the olympics ? Fuck the Olympics. To me skateboarding is the antiestablishment, we were the odd ones out, we were the ones who got harassed in the schoolyards, getting yelled at for our, to the outer world weird looking or behaving and we didn´t give two shits about it we didn´t need to fit in the mold, I grew up in a time where skateboarders weren’t socially accepted and that is where my point of view is rooted.

I am aware of how skateboarding is evolving and progressing, the opening up to the bigger brands, the bigger money within the SLS, Maloof moneycup, and now the Olympics, and that is all a part of how skateboarding is right now. This is the way that skateboarding looks like for the kids coming up and to the world outside of skateboarding this is where their points of view are rooted.

I also see that in some parts of this performance culture, skateboarding is still the unestablished activity that attracts all kinds of personalities around the fun of a wooden toy, which makes me happy.

I just think that skateboarding in its form is to pure to enter an, from my point of view, politically corrupt, moneyhungry organization and event, who we know wipes out entire parts of cities and violently moves its inhabitants from their homes, for the greater good of a fucking sportsevent. Fuck the Olympics.

And NO I am not watching it.

Where do you stand in terms of politics ? my vote I out there far to the left.

When I chill, I chill with, Family and friends. The Kongsbaks, The Ninja Axels, The Klingsøes, The Scuzzarellas

I’m have been on a mission lately in (with) Every skatesession is a mission, a mission to have fun and land on the board.

Dream session would be, Every skatesession with friends is a dream session. My friends are the motivation to keep skating.

Lately I have been working on, This interview, its been a part of my thoughtproces for almost a year now. Last winter we worked on the clip, and Jesper Klingsøe edited it, and that has taken a while.

I´m working on drawings

When I was little I would like to, Be a marine biologist.

When im home I like to, play with the kids, chill with the miss and if I have the time and space I like to play guitar, Draw.

I normally call my homies for, Check up on things, we have reached the part of our lives were most of us have families to take care of. So it is checking up, arrange when we have the time to meet, checking our family schedule, fitting it together, hooking up drinking some fine vine, go to a concert or something…

Your homies are, Jesper Klingsøe, Claus Kongsbak, Jesper NinjaAxel Nielsen, Frederik Mogens Lorentzen, Mark Snor Arnesen, Mikkel Hendeliowitz, Stefan Høfsten, Pierre Stachurska, Ole Skjelmose, Martin Krusbæk, Søren Rosenkilde Thomas Thomsen, Stefan Høfsten…… and the list goes on

I enjoy going to, concerts,

Favorite drink is, Negroni, Ipa and good red vine, mostly Italian.

Favorite food is, So much good food out there, I love to eat well.

Favorite drug, Used to be weed, Hash, If you could lit it you could smoke it. Those days are long gone.

Favorite music, So much music, The National, Interpol, The Strokes, Editors, Placebo, Future Islands, Spoon, Kellermensch. I listen to a lot of music, my most influential band has to be TOOL.

Favorite film, Tarantino flicks are pretty awesome, Fear and loathing in las Vegas, ah man so many good movies. Actually lately I have watched series on Netflix, I like the buildup of characters over a longer period of time or episodes, movies don’t have that same character quality.

Favorite skateboarders, Brian Anderson, Marc Johnson, Jamie Thomas, Andrew Reynolds, Jason Dill, Donny Barley. Troels Jørgensen, Thomas Thomsen, Claus Kongsbak, Jesper NinjaAxel, Willie, Anders Jørgensen, Jesper Klingsøe, Nico Craft, Stefan Høfsten.

Favorite skate film, Welcome to Hell, Yeah Right, Modus Operandi, Mole.

Favorite skatepark, Could be anywhere as long as it’s a good session.

Favorite spot, Any spot that inspires the session.

Favorite woman / men (blond, fat, thin, big, small) I´m pretty stoked on my half Italian half Danish girlfriend. The fact that she sticks with me is a gift.




When I cook, I cook, I like cooking, so whatever…. I like Italian, Asian,

To go to resturant is, Tapasbodega, Spaghetteria, Behov.

To go to trick is, That might be Caballerial, on flat that is.

To go to trick when you are farked is, i´m not really that farked anymore.

To go to trick when you are winning is, I´m not winning

TOP 3 Cities, Copenhagen, Imperia, Berlin.

When I travel, I always bring, My family

Best travel advice I can give is, Open your eyes.

Best life advise I can give is,

Who am I to give any advise? Stick with it, fight, this is it, this is what you get, make the best of it, whatever rocks your boat.

Are you good with money ( do you plan, safe it, cash in or blow it )?

I´m ok with money. If it is there it is there if it´s not it is not. You know you earn it and you spend it. I´m not that good at saving.

Best travel memory you want to share?

Ok, this is a random story / travel memory. this one is funny, or at least I think so, it just came cross my mind the other day, how funny and farked life is some times.

So here goes.

Me and a friend thought about going to Stockholm to visit another friend who lived there, so we were going by bus which is an eight hour drive or so, and we thought to ourselves that we should probably smoke a lot of weed before entering the bus, to kill some time and so we did. We weren’t fortunate enough to get seats next to each other but OK get some sleep and make our way.

Arrived at the Swedish border, and border patrol enters the bus, me my friend and another usual suspect has to get out of the bus to get searched they find nothing. Guess we smoked it all.

We arrive in Stockholm and find out later that day that Casper Plass has his birthday. We are ‘invited’ I guess.

We have a problem, we have no present, we solve the problem by stealing two chairs from a café on our war to the party. Get to the party, it turns out that the chairs we stole from the café matches the chairs that Casper and his girlfriend, are collecting and all of the sudden we find ourselves being heroes at the party….tequila, Swedish beer, tequila, Swedish beer arrhhhg all of the sudden I find myself in the bathroom with my friend, there is a girl sitting on the toilet taking a piss, my friend has to take a piss as well and he wants to piss in the sink, I get out of the room wandering about I think, when my other friend and Casper comes out yelling“who the fuck took a piss down the stairs, was it you?” I know nothing really….My friend from the toilet meets me giggling and with a big grin on his face……..Casper comes around

“Ok thats it… you guys are out of here”my face must have looked like a big question mark one friend giggling and the other one is pissed “what the fuck you guys” so we leave the apartment and I am ready to walk down the stairs, when I slip and fall on my ass, counting every single step with my butt cheeks to the next floor.

This is how the story turns out, my friend from the toilet, who wanted to take a piss in the sink ended up talking to the girl taking a piss on the toilet, somehow along the the way they got to an agreement that my friend should stick his dick in her mouth, turns out to not really work since he should still take a piss, so he decides, instead of pissing in the sink I might as well take a piss down the stairs, which is why I slipped down the stairs.

So we get to the end of the stairs, some of us pretty angry which includes myself, and reach for a big candlelight on the street, one of those in a foil tray, that shit turns out to be hot as hell, so I immediately throw it away, and the stearic-splatter hits some girls, smoking cigarettes on the street which makes them kinda angry…so now we are all arguing, girls and friends drunk as fuck….me and my two friends leave the scene, we want to hit a bar before we go home. Across the road from the bar we see a McDonald’s, outside the McDonald’s a big cluster of balloons is hanging on a string, being the dicks that we are, of course we had to destroy that big cluster of balloon, Bang Bang Bang… Job well done, and with big grin on our faces we turn around to cross the street and enter the bar, from across the street, the doorman from the bar has obviously watched the whole scenario, and he is now signaling a big “NO NO you guys are not entering my bar” with his body language…..We laugh ” well of course you are not…..”

When I do not skateboard I, I run on a tight schedule, being a dad most of the hours off of work are with the kids, being a family. But when I do have some time I like to draw, play the guitar and skate.

My fitness program is, work on my lower back, some push and sit ups, ride my bike to work, skate on Thursdays.

Anything that concerns you at the moment ? Imagine what the world would be like if people cared as much for the world and their surroundings as the do for their favorite sportsteam.

When I get old I want to, travel with Shila.

I would like to see more of, my friends.

That one time where I was in jail because of, Spend the night in “jail” once, with Fiske. We were drunk and stupid, and so were the cops but they had more muscle, manpower and the handcuffs.

I should do more of, Skatewise I should appreciate more, not complain so much.

My future looks like, looks good I think. When I sit and think about it, I am super fortunate to be where I am at. Family, job, friends, health.

I dream of some day that I would, travel the world, with the family.

The book I currently read is, I have started on ‘idioten’ by Fjodor dostojevskij but I am not really taking the time to really start on such a big piece. I like to read novels. ‘I hundenes vold’ is a pretty good read, Bukowsky ‘Ham on Rye’, Johnathan Franzen “Korrektioner” long list…..

The best travel I have been on, Every summer going to Italy visiting family with the family is the best, watch my kids enjoying their lives in the sun. France Tour…..Pierre, Mark, Nicholas, Victor. Paris, Nante, Bourdeux. LA 2003 Ullepikken Simon Dokkedal…EPIC…Every snowboard adventure, and other adventures, with Claus Kongsbak

On Netflix / youtube I watch, On you-tube I watch skateboarding and guitar lessons. On Netflix series, Stranger things, Peaky Blinders, etc.

If I could change the world I would, Make it a sustainable world.

Everybody should own a, Roof over their heads.

The hobby I have, no one knows about is, I love to build LEGO with the kids.

I will never get rid of, the kid inside me.

I would love to be in a movie with, really hate being in front of a camera.

Any regrets in life so far ? Nope

I currently follow (social media, instagram twitter, Facebook) I find myself spending too much time using time thumpscrolling on facebook.

Thanks, KongsbakBrands, Mormor og morfar, Shila, Claus, Submachine, Thomas Hvass, Shredders Lodge, Jesper Klingsøe, Thursday night sessions.


How long did you work in SUBMACHINE ?

I did not work at Submachine I was a teamrider for a lot of years…..

What was you position ?

Teamrider, teamsmoker, teamparty, team.


everything around those days are favorite moments. I remember one day walking in to the shop before I got on the team, I was pretty green on the Copenhagen scene at the time, but I had been at the shop a few times. I went there to just have a look and I find this shoe on sale but I don’t have the money for it, and Morten the shop manager just says “you can take it now and pay for it later, I know you spend a lot of money in the shop I trust you to pay me later” I was so stoked he asked for my number so we could go skate, I asked for his name and he said “just call me Bong Morten that is what everybody else calls me” ha ha epic…..Thomas Hvass one day told me that I should look forward to the next ‘Strictly Magazine’ and when the following issue arrived at the skateshops I had a full page Submachine ad with a picture shot by no other than Tobias Plass. I was beyond stoked. Welcome to the team.

Best Submachine customer ?

Any smoking memorys ? All of them. Smoking weed was a big part of our lives back then, but we weren’t pacified, we skated every day at fælledparken or other, Partied at night hanging out……

Best smoking memorys ?

All of them…Thomas bringing out the grill for a session, having the best barbeque, vegetables, beer, build, session, smoke. Good times.

Anything else you want to share with us ?

Hell Yeah the next time you see Thomas Hvass go give him the biggest high five. I have heard people in the Copenhagen Skateboard community giving Thomas a lot of heat, but he did, from my perspective give so much, working his ass off for the scene, for the events, for the community of Danish skateboarding and for me personally. And he was the owner of the best skateshop in Copenhagen at the time.

Thank you Thomas


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