10 spots, Kim Stær is hitting this year !

Kim and SON, Photo: unknown, credits coming

Kim and SON, photo: Hanne Bligaard

Tests: Kim Stær Overall I hope to hit some different terrain in 2017. Hopefully Lukas Kiil and Kim Batiste will catch a bit of it on video. Here we go.

1. Sibbarp my favorite park. The park is full of small tight trannies, deepend, curb, volcanoes and spines. Endless lines.

2. The new Aarhus area, I will most certainly film something in Aarhus’s new district. Spots for days. hopefully with my locals ties. Dammy, Joe, Morten, Mark, Dennis, Michel, Jakob and Per Mullis and of cause many more.

3. I wanna HIT Copenhagen a few times maybe in connection with CPH Open. The plan is to hit  all spots and anything differently. Fsr bridge spotted, SEB and in general just skate cph. along with Arder, Duus, Lonka and hopefully Ronni, Troels and many more.

4. Aalborglona hopefully in company with Michael Red !!!

5. Herning together with the local brian’s : Daater, Moller, Villumsen, Kern and Dennis G.

6. Robbie DIY. The local Aarhus DIY spot, our local hardworking guys and some hardworking visitors  have worked hard to create this SPOT I can imagine many  summer  sessions with our local Aarhus concrete dogs: Martin Hjermind, Banshi, Thue, Nikolaj, Amigos and MAAAANGE more. I plan to skate spot many  years.

7. Streetdome. I’m hoping for a little more trips down to Haderslev concrete marvel in 2017. Both because of  the beautiful environment, but also to hear the always committed Morten Hansen talk about what is happening politically in skateboarding in DK.

8. I wonder if there is some good sessions this fall in Skive. Jesper Svenningsen and several others have built a mini ramp with a wonderful  spine and you can insanely much speed in that mini. I hope for good sessions with Jesper, Sean, Allan, Morten and several others.

9. Skørping, brobowl, Denmark’s most inspiring schoolyard, forest bowl with good people who Mads, Jesper, Nathan, Bo, Dan, Casper, Pauli and many more. I’m looking forward to this

10. Friland concrete. Im looking forward to  some great days with the  Aarhus skate senior Crew and several others. Rune, Money, Hulk, Riis, Matz, Rølling, Elmo and our children. 

Kim Stær, Nose blunt slide, Photo: unknown credits coming

Kim Stær, Nose blunt slide, Photo: Michael Kærgaard Jacobi

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