Lodge Resturant review, Swingers

Resturant review.
Swingers Coffee Shop
8080 Beverly Blvd,  Los Angeles,
CA 90048, USA
Menu: www.swingersdiner.com
Opening hours:  07–02


Store front. Swingers

Store front.  Swingers, out seating is great.




Logo looks dope.




Bar and kitchen, Bar seating is important. Old school shit as we like. Service is great and the girls are wonderfull. Free wife also for you gram status.




Breakfast burrito from Swingers is great. Gets you filled up.




Swingers Pancakes is the bomb.

Swingers Restaurant Review

Only in L.A. would you expect to find a diner this dope.  Resturant attracts everyone from hipsters, locals & skateboarders

Menu is Burger, some mexi styles,  grilled cheese sandwich, pancakes, french toast and more. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. they got it.

Beers from Pabst Blue Ribbon to Newcastle, from a Bloody Mary to a vodka-Red Bull cocktail. Check.

The girls are lovely.  boom

Love this place. Going to there again and again.




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