Shawarma Grill House

Shawarma no1 Grill House since 1980  

Resturant Review  by Thomas Kring


Already in the car yesterday, we started  ( Burgerkongen, Nicky G,  Jonas Skrøder, Hjalte Halberg  & yours truly )  to discuss the best sharmawa in Copenhagen.  And since Shawarma no1 Grill House since 1980  has just opened in front of the Red Plaza Nørrebro. ( Top streetspot in Copenhagen in Nørrebro) It was natural to Resturant review it.

They Red plaza boys will looking forward to a great spring, they are stoked and session’s will go down with  fat shawarma’s in the belly.

Since this is my favorit ALLTIME sharmawa place. I will review it.  Then Burger Kongen, Jonas skrøder  & the LODGE gang  can do other reviews on other restaurants. ( they have promised me this)   Burgeren will review a  Burger place of cause. dont worry. It it coming.

This Shawarma grill house no 1  is my  TOP favorite in Copenhagen. They have been here since 1980, They are no 1. This is legend Sharmawa from 1. class here.  They have the OG  resturant  in Stroget in Copenhagen city.  I’ve been here many times and am always really happy with what I get.

The guys are super nice, explains everything on the menu, and made recommendations. They have always been like that.

In the new place at Nørrebro, they were a little bit shaky since they just opened. but fark it this is normale. They will be on point soon. Lets go to the menu.

Here is what i Recommend

Shawarma  – the beef  is killing it

Hummus – pretty great flavor, good texture

Chilli sauce! SUPER killing it  ! MUST MUST MUST have.

Falafels. tha bomb.

Just order everything.
I’ve been to a bunch of shawarma places and this one is still my favorite. Trust me here guys. Im have live in Nørrebro over 20 years. ( best area for sharmawa’s ) Anytime I try a different place, I always think “well that was good, but The Shawarma grill house is still my #1.” I only go here.

Other good info to know:

Takes Reservations Yes

Delivery NO

Take-out Yes

Accepts Credit Cards Yes

Good For Lunch & dinner after a session.

Parking horrible

Bike Parking Yes. prime star location

Wheelchair Accessible Yes

Good for Kids Yes

Good for Groups YES. 

Attire Casual & spicy

Noise Level Average but you in Nørrebrogade (busy street)

Alcohol No

Outdoor Seating YEs

Wi-Fi YES 

Has TV i think it will come

Waiter Service sometimes

Drive-Thru No

Caters Yes

Location: THE BEST  !!!

Below is part of the menu, check it when you skate the red plaza & crus around Nørrebro that are Copenhagens best area BY far for street skating & spots.  Enjoy it all.




unnamed-2 You can see the red plaza in the back. just a other side of the street. !

Feel please free to comment & please feel free to send  other Resturant Review Suggestions. We are open and we listen.


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  1. hadi says:

    please change the menu kart
    we have a new one

  2. hadi says:

    and we have wi fi

  3. Roby says:

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