LODGE CAFE Review: Bryggeriet Malmø

LODGE CAFE Review: Bryggeriet Malmø

Text: Thomas Kring

Time to review the Cafe in Bryggeriet Malmø, We are in almost 2017 are we  ( skateboarders) demand better nutrition aka food, Skateboarding needs better food, better cafe’s, better restaurants, better people and better service.  I mean, do you wanna skate ?  you need fuel.  Lets have a look inside The Bryggeriet Cafe on a dark November day. What do they have to offer, how is the service and what is cooking at the moment?


THE CAFE, here is the entrance AND cafe to Bryggeriet, good mix. Here you also see a great dude. PEKKA, who welcomes you. OG Malmø shredder & Legend. This shows authenticity.  So already a good start on the way in.  Note the skate pics, prices shown on the wall, nice overview of the products they have, and a good customer in on  the way in… in Shorts…in November.




Here is some of the products Bryggeriet offers. The Toast, with ham and cheese for 15 SEK / 1.5 €  EGGs for 5 SEK 0.5€  bread with cheese and jam, to name a few,  And then some other sweden products that im not sure what is, The Risifrutty is also little so so, but “okay”   But this is a quick good offer for a good price, gives energy for the next session. protein and carbs. Good deal. Quick action. Quick results. ..this offer is a LOT better vs other skateparks we have been too around Scandinavia, Europe and USA.



Other side of the cafe, Here you see bar chairs, coffee, cakes,  chips maybe some fruit? protein bars.  Drinks in back, soda and water, they have coco water also which is a plus.  PS: pekka is stil behind the counter dont worry.


LODGE POINTS given here


The Cafe seating, Lots of space, happy people, nice and clean.  Art and pictures. Good style. if you can lucky you can see some naked pros, like Hjalte Halberg & a Dressed Jonas Skrøder.  The woman factor is kinda weak on this given day.  But atmosphere is good & there is heat also.

Lodge points given here.

Good hang out, you can talk in the corner and be alright. Find Pontus Alv & Peter Stege and you win personal lodge points !!



The Kanel Bulle, aka Cinamon bun is a good swedish tradition, and here the Cafe makes them selfs, a bit unfair as they are good and smell very good, tast good also, right out the oven.  15 SEK / 1.5 € … how many skateparks do you know that makes homemade cakes / muffins  ?…yeah…NONE.



Hardware corner with boards, pads, trucks, t-shirts, wheels and ALFS. X-MAX decorations !!! 

LODGE POINTS given here.

Over all & total conclusions is very good, this is over a average skatepark cafe. I would say, if the not the best. One of the better skatepark cafe’s in Europe. Bryggeriet has done it again. They know that the surroundings, atmosphere & extra products is going make customers ( skateboarders) stay longer. I really wish other skateparks can learn from this. …take note. Step up your game skateparks around the world.

In order to get 11 out of 10 points  & take it to next level, we  would like to  see sold beer, beer tap ( like in Amsterdam skatepark) Wine(s) and maybe next level would be vegan food., no sugar products, maybe a outdoor resturant.

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