Hullet Breakfast Brunch Review

lots of room

Lots of room to enjoy your breakfast, good crew.

NEW: Hullet breakfast resturant is not so new

Name: Hullet DIY breakfast Brunch

Address:  You find it your self, But in Copenhagen , Denmark

Open Hours:  in the morning, but a little later than your normale morning

Serves Today. Beans, bacon, eggs &  beer.


1.what ever you can spare.

2. you buy all for everyone

3. you put in the work hours needed

Quality: top dollar

Come back again: for sure yes. stoked.

Service from the local waiters: no waiters, do it your self

Service todays kitchen chef: Josh is  laid back, chilled and very cool attitude.

Seatings: plenty of outdoor seats

Take away: not sure

Cargo Bicycle parking: good, there is room.

Beers: yes, they are good & warm

Wine: rarely

Local tips: bring what ever you have in the fridge to the BBQ

Future menu’s.   Hullet cook out VS P-stone from Thrashers mag Should be very interesting BBQ jam session  this one.


The source is important


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Kope Hoogheem,  breakfast hip grinder. Dopeshit



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