Resturant Review, BEHOV


NEW: Resturant in Town.

Name: Behov, en spisebutik.

Address: Rentemestervej 94, 2400 Nordvest  ( 1oo meters from Peter Stege’s  pool hall)

Serves. pizza, sandwich, salats, deserts, wine and beer.

Prices: in the higher range. ( pizza ca 75 kr, 10 €)

Quality: good and currently Nord Vest’s  Best pizza

Come back again: for sure yes. stoked.

Service from the Waiters: good & nice

Service from the kitchen chef: kinda wack and stressed attitude, but i give a 2. chance, everyone can  have a  bad day

Seatings: Indoors / outdoors

Take away: yes

Cargo Bicycle parking: good, there is room.

Beers: yes, they are good

Wine: yes they are very good.


Skatespots around:  yes a few, Ghettoparken check picture below.


We had pizza, salats, beer, wine and deserts. We were on the tables outside, which is dope.  We can  recommend it all.  Stoked to see restaurants like this coming up in Nordvest.  The wines is great. Nordvest is really coming in hot now.

Extra bonus. Poolhall down the street, chances you meet Peter Stege there is very high.

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Ghetto parken, ledges and speedbumps.

Ghetto parken, ledges and speedbumps.

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