Lodge Resturant ( take away ) review VIET THAI

Lodge take away review.


In case you are shredding the streets of NORDVEST Copenhagen 2400, &  hitting the Tagensbo skole spot. ( wooden bangs) You must try VIET THAI to get hyped & fueled up.

Thai & vietnamese take away food. prices are very good for Copenhagen ca 60-70 KR (7-8 euros) for a dish.

They usually fark up the orders, if you order more then one dish. But it is kinda okay, then you try some new dishes & learn to eat something new.  This place is approved by the lodge.  Dj Cut E letten likes this place also.

Feel free to go there next time you are in the area. Enjoy

Frederiksborgvej 81, 2400 København NV ( a block away from Tagensbo skole) 

IMG_4932 (1) IMG_4933

IMG_4934 (2)For reason unknow, the cash disk is super high in VIET THAI . There is a person standing up behind the disk in this picture.  we love it. They ofcause have a small fish tank also in there. There is 6 chairs if you wanna sit down.

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