Lodge Guest, Anton Juul

We are proud to introduce one of Copenhagens finest. A living CPH legend, a great dude.  Been skateboarding since late 80s & still in the game daily.  Anton is sending a STRONG message to the skateboarders over 35- 40..

Please welcome Anton Juul



Anton skates in minus, like the rest of the real lodgers. Picture taken a fews ago. Januar 2016.

Name: Anton Juul

Current: job / school: Shop Manager

Where are you from? Copenhagen

Where do you currently live? Copenhagen

Kids / family status: Married

Age: 40


Anton Juul – Switch frontside shove-it backside nosegrind – Jarmers Plads. Foto: Henrik Edelbo


Sponsors: Street Machine / Adidas

Board size: 8.0

Wheel size: 50-52mm

Trucks: Indy 139mm

When I chill, I chill with, My wife or our cats, and of course my friends 

I have been on a mission lately in, Nordhavn underground parking garage, perfect for a good winter depression

Lately I have been working on, My skinny winter body, getting ready for the summer

ANTON JUUL part from Quiet days in Copenhagen. 




When I was little I would like to…Be that guy that beat Tony Hawk and Hosoi when they were fighting for first place hahaha

When im home I like to, Hang out with my wife and cats and drink tea

I normaly call my homies for, A session, jah bless!!!

Anton Juul part in Carhartt WIP Video Spectra from 2008




Favorit drink, Tea with milk and honey

To go to resturant is I don’t have one, but I quite often end up at Durum Bar after the Red plaza, wish there were more Vietnamese places, love that

Favorit skateboarders, Not room for all of them                      

Favorite skatepark, Fælledparken, Copenhagen

Favorit spot, Red plaza, Nørrebro Copenhagen

When I do not skateboard I, Work skate chill                  

When I get old I want to, Keep skating

I would like to see more of, Skaters my age skate as much as I do, It’s a bit lonely out there hahaha

My future looks like, Hopefully a lot of the same

I dream of , A long warm summer day at Jarmers where all the homies are there ending up in a long warm night, good times            

Anything else & Thanks :

Big thanks to all my dudes and dudettes and off course the lodge

Anton Switch Heelflip

Anton Switch Heelflip



Pictures is a mix of Henrik Edelbo, Nils  & Bertrand. ALL 3 dudes are SUPER dope. Thank you. tack så mycke, 10000 tak &  MERCI. 

Thanks Anton for supporting the LODGE 

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  1. Jacob Brown says:

    Yo does anyone know where I can see an edit where Anton skates the paving slabs ….Its an edit from a few years ago, he shares the last part where he lifts the fliser up and skates the trash cans?

  2. Thomas Kring says:

    JACOB ! who does he share a part with ? and i will find the video for you …

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