Lodge Guest, Christophe Marchandise Aka Besh, Besh One



Name: Christophe Marchandise Aka Besh, Besh One, 

Current: Job / school: DJ, Turntablist, i also do some DJ school Teaching and Workshops, Club promoter and organiser, and Graff and design work, logos etc.. 

Where are you from? Sweden but I’m a french citizen. 

Where do you currently live?  Malmö 

What nationaly do you feel the most? i feel like a Artistic life lifeloving Musciscian, Skater, Lover, Hippie, innovateaur, Entrepreneur.  

Age: 40 soon 41

Sponsors: Right now its me myself and I. 

Years of skateboarding: Puuh tough one first time on a skate board since i was 5 but there were no tricks at that time and i was the only kid who skated for many years. but i would say with “pro” boards since i was 11 so that adds up to 29 years! 🙂 

Board size: between 8,18-8,38 mostly but sometimes I’ve touched sizes like 8,8

Wheel size: i try to buy pretty small wheels bones or the good spitfire ones and then skate pretty long with them don’t like too big wheels clumpsy.. lol 

Trucks: Indys   

I change set up every: too seldom, but i would like to every other 3 month wintertime, but summer time like 1,5-2 mont. Although trucks for at least one year and wheels too.  

Current Board trend: don’t do that, might try a SHARK nose lol. 

What do you skate the most ?  

Street: depends on the weather but 1-3 hours 

(Skatepark) Flow Street: 1-3 hours kind of like to mix those 2 up. 

Miniramp: 1-2 hour maximum 

Long board: never ever think i might rolled on one once lol 

Vert: naah not really maybe 5 mins. 

Bowl: hmm sometimes 1 hour but mostly like 30 mins max

Freestyle: i dont know what counts i like to do long lines with weird shove its and backside ollie sw Manny frontside slide around and some other weird stuff i don’t think its called freestyle maybe its more like new street. Lol

Please tell us about your daily DAY by the hours,  (or tell us about your longest day the last week’s) we want to know how your day is looking like

11.00 wake up 

12.00 still waking up / internet

13.00 shower quick, lunch at some good place making the lunch dish of the day. 

14.00 eating, chilling by the resto.   

15.00 Svampen, chill skate if I’m lucky it turns into a good session its not my choice its my bodys.. Lol

16.00 still at svampen skating now the session is on! 

17.00 svampen Fire.

18.00 Getting bored of svampen.. 

19.00 going to stapeln.. skate and cruise the street course and bowl in no particular way. 

20.00 still stapeln 

21.00 still stapeln getting very hungry now. Going to Möllan getting some food, 

22.00 at home shower. 

23.00 out again hanging out at the place where the action is at Möllan. 

24.00 still out there 

01.00 still out there. 

+ home 01.30 scratch session 1-2 hours, Internet =  movies, tv shows, scratch and skate clips, Instagram etc. 

Malmø croooks ! , Photo: Jason

Malmø croooks !  Photo: Jason Piekar

How are you doing at the moment? Im good trying to fix the last shiznits from 2016.. 

Kind of hard but also very good to have it done!  

How is your body at the moment, (injuries, knees, back, and so)?  

Puuuhh.. Its kind of fucked.. I’m stiff in my back had a nerve that was tweaked or something i just got back from nackspärr.. don’t know the name in English.  

But like I’m fighting back and forth with a thing i have a knee issue i had several damages on one side, 1. musclebreak in my vad lower part of the legg.. 

2. massive heel bruise that took 1,5-2 years, and more shit.. so that knee got sloppy and not so powerful.. i should train but I’m kind of loosing the focus of doing it all the time.. 

Its crazy cause sometimes i can skate real good do all the tricks i can and flow like I’m 23 or 28 and sometimes i almost cant ollie.. 🙁 

One sad thing though is that I’m loosing my pop.. Its like a joke we used to say but its turning real. Sucks.. but some days its there a little bit! Lol 

When did you start to skate and why? 

My mothers brother showed me a skateboard i stood on it and they held me but i instantly was like no let me go i got this! And i directly started tic tacking with control and told them to stop holding “my arms i got this” i did this but nobodyy showed me how to do it. And i felt a crazy sensation in my mind and body i TOTALY knew that this was the right thing for me cause i had so much instant control! 

Do you think you made the right choice  (instead of playing football FX?)? 

To be honest i was really close to buying a remote car! i was checking all out buying magazines saving money etc i was crazy focused! learned a lot about that shit!  But then i was in Helsingör and i saw new skateboards with grafits like Santa Cruz and they were wide and they just saw like WAOW! so dope i was like i like skating, and with these boards i can do something real they must be really good! i just dropped the whole remote car thing at that moment!   Soo yeah i would be a crazy remote car geek if i didn’t do this lol

Anything that influences you at the moment?

Hmm a lot of stuff all the time.of course old friends that you skated with like many years with! 

People having fun on their board flow, skaters like Fernando, Oski, Ville Vester, Lando, Qamel, Heitor, David Stenström, and the Shlm locals, The Helsingborg Locals, all the Malmoe locals the Lund locals, the Copenhagen locals. 

There is too many too mention, maybe you who is reading this! And yeah some 

Cant forget about the whole instagram thing that stuff is crazy! So much info and inspiration so quick its ridiculous! 

Please comment your feelings, memories  (if you are that old)   & know how about Skateboarding in the 


Fun and joy everybody was friend with everybody! 

Wonderful my first years learning tricks, my first sponsor Surf Shop! With Victor Santos Lieberath, Pierre Wiberg, Martin Ferm, and Hasse with the long hair!  

H-Street, Santa Cruz, Powell Peralta, etc Vision Street Wear, small handrails,  jump Ramps Ollie Sads, Chinese (nollie) no complys, wall rides and good overall times! 

And i just checked so apparently Mike Valley had the World Industries Barnyard deck at 1989 which was the year that the first “double tailed” board came out.

Anyway it was the end of the “Radical” street skating. If you wonder what i mean by that term see the competition Savannah Slamma 3 or Streetstyle in Tempe. 

90s The Golden age! Thing started getting way more technical Girl, World Industries, Blind, and all these other brands came along and kind of changed the game stuff started getting more slick and then Switch Ollies flips and nollie flips etc. 

Came and then The east coast stuff came with like eastern exposure and brands like Zoo York and skaters like Quim Cardona, Ricky Oyola, etc came out with some new styles and shit that was crayyyyzzeee! 

And Toy Machine etc came out which paved the way to Zero, etc i would say that it was crazy and trendy as hell! Changing the trends from 6 month to 6 month. 

I think that the 90`s everything with skating took it to the extreme, extreme punk, extreme Hip Hop, extreme nerdy, etc etc. Now its all a mix and I prefer it this way hehe

I Was sponsored by Pro Stuff and Mythic and some other shops etc. 

Had a checkout in danish skatemagasine, for the moment to forgot the name.. lol No it was Metropolis! And i won some competitions in Helsingborg, Landskrona, Helsingör, and came on pretty good places in some bigger competitions in Sweden in Sattel Switzerland etc. 

Ahh yeah i came 6th place in the legendary Prygl I parken comp one time! Haha

2000+ i dont really know the difference between 2000 and the end of 2000 maybe it kind of stayed clean.. I think so at least. A lot of stuff changed like new tricks that you didn’t think could be done was being done! as it ALLWAYS is in skateboarding.. 

2010+ new school bu every influenced by the early 90`s but with more speed and more ugly style.. lol 

No but really its breaking a lot of rules the whole time, i really like the idea and craziness of the wall ride when people are ollieing up on a wall at the side of a stair and riding the shit out of it! 

That was a trick I’ve been thinking that its possible to do and now people are doing it and crazy good too like Evan Smith for example…

Do you feel skateboarding is in a good way? 

Yeah its a bit trendy with some stuff but its allays been like that so why complain, only thing is that i don’t think the young’s sometime have respect for the history of others.  But thats kind of how it is now. But they will learn, i just think that when i was kid i had massive respect for the elders if they were doing stuff like Skating Graff, Scratching etc…But some kids nowadays are like Yeah I’m here and f the rest. They aint gonna come far i think, but at the other hand they might?  Reality is a tricky thing when you start analysing it, cause everybody has their own reality. 

Where do you stand & please comment with skateboarding in the Olympics? 

Its ridiculous.. What?  Highest ollie? Longest air? Fastest cruise? I don’t know.. 

Where do you stand in terms of politics?

To be honest where people stand in politics is all about where they are in life. if they have pretty good money coming in they will want more so they go for right, if they are a bit poor they go for the left, but its all 99% hypocrites most of them anyway. Because they still aint true to it all.   Example: When i worked with people who are left and try to go for like everybody should earn equal money etc they are the ones who are most capital and give you the least money and makes most to them self, but the ones that is more to the capitalist part side politically give you more money and be happy with doing it. 

When I chill, I chill with, Gf old friends skaters Musicians Djs etc no one in particular but theres a few.  

I’m have been on a mission lately in (with) Puuh too long since i was on a mission. Was in Barcelona a couple of month ago. 

Dream session would be, 

Hmm dont know really, way back it was EMB and Brooklyn bridge Burnside, now i don’t know maybe just anything that feels fun in the heat of the moment.

Lately I have been working on, Switch front heel, trying to get my pop back lol  And frontside flips over the pyramid hip in bryggeriet. 

When I’m home I like to, Scratch and Chill and smoke cigarettes in the night time and watch movies.

I normally call my homies for, Friends, Homies, Dudes, 

Your homies are,  a lot of dudes and girls all kinds of people some skaters Djs, Producers, Hustlers, 

I enjoy going to, a good jazz concert, Hip Hop show, techno night, a good restaurant, trips abroad, different Venues as i play as a DJ. 


Liquor: i dont drink alcohol anymore but the only thing i miss with not drinking is good tasteful rom..

Breakfast: Banana, bread, Ginger tea, Vitamins.

Lunch: A good lunch is a good lunch. 

Dinner: Good food most of the times. 

Late-night snack: banana, cookies, sandwich.

Restaurant: French, Vietnamese, Asian, Indian, Mexican tacos, Lebanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish tapas and of course Swedish food sometimes, Street/ junk Food etc I kind of test them through like i go for a month or two and then eat a lot of for example different Italian food and then i know whats good and whats not. But i am like StreetFood or luxury food the shit in the middle is kind of tasteless and not so interesting.. Lol 

My family has had one of swedens best French Restaurants for 39 Years so I’m grown up with deluxe french cuisine and street food. 

Skateboarders: Mike Carrol, Mark Gonzales, Quim Cardona, Ricky Oyola, Evan Smith, Luan Oliveira, the flow of some people its too many too mention, but like just anybody that flows good on the board really.

Skatepark: It doesn’t really matter but i kind of skate Stapeln a lot cause its easy to go and its in a nice part of the city (if its summertime, close to the harbour and beach) 

Skate spot: Stapeln and svampen, kind of like everything actually ohh yeah maybe my favourite is Oslo Piren in my old hometown Helsingborg sooo dope! 

Skate film / clip: Shackle me not, Rubbish Cheap, Eastern Exposure 3, Blind Video Days, too many dope videos Girl Mouse, 20 Shot sequence, and ofc Zoo York the mixtape when that shit came out!!! BOOM!  

You fave Tricks: down know really too many depends on the spot every spot has their best tricks.  But i like the most tricks that i can do well so like if i can for example do really good ollie sad on a jump ramp that would be my favourite trick. Lol  thats how it is when you get old if you can do a trick good its your favourite! lol 

Art: Graff, design, 80`s vibe, too much to go into i like classic art paintings renaissance, Dali, pop stuff Art deco stuff,

Film: Too many good.. Drama, Thriller, Action, 

Music: Theres too much good music to start but I would say it begins with funk for me like Hip hop soul funk, electro, Boogie, Jazz, House techno, rock breaks, Uk funky, garage, rock, synth, 80s 90`s, vibe I’m a dj so my musical ear is huuuuge! 

Book: Dont really read anymore but I’ve been thinking about startin up with it now! 

City’s:Malmö, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Barcelona, kind of started to think London is cool.

Actors: too many to name, but a few Christoffer Walken, Sean Penn, Steve Buschemi, John Travolta,

Tablet: Ipad rarely use it though.. 

TV: haha just got one haven’t had one for 20 years! 

Camera: go pro thats broken.. 

Phone: Iphone

APP: Apartment? 


Bike: many bikes i have, male is a bike city. 

When was the last time you really won big time? Swedish DMC (swedish Dj championship) 

And 2 place in Gold School 2013 or 2014? Swedish Street Competition 30+ 

When was the time you really lost big time? Dont remember, down really gamle is the odds are too bad. 

I can participate in stuff but if I’m going to try to win i have to know that i can win.  

When I travel, I always bring, an open mind, or at least i try 🙂 

Best travel advice I can give is, Be nice when you should and not when you should not., And be open for new experiences. Go out there but be safe. 

Best life advice I can give is, be true to yourself, be positive and don’t let the negative surroundings or thoughts take over. Fight hard for that shit everyday and all the time. And don’t lie make it so that in your life, you don’t have to lie. 

Cause karma will fuck you up. Im most certain of that, also listen to the inner voice and stomach. 

Ive been saved sooo many times its ridiculous from my scence when people wanted to fight me 10+ people! But i knew that they were coming so i was faster.. 

Are you good with money (do you plan, safe it, cash in or blow it)? 

Im kind of ok as it is now, but before i was terrible i spent it all at once.. Or i would say i drank it up all at once. I was kind of living for la fiesta… 

Best travel memory you want to share?  Puhhh too many. Ill get back to that soon.. 

When I do not skateboard I, Scratch, and do some sketching maybe read some stuff movies. 

My fitness program is, Eat a little bit better every year. Drink a little bit better every year, eat less candy or cookies. I plan on doing yoga but i often end up not doing it. so i don’t know, swimming would be great but that also aint really happening. 

Do you care about your health? Yes  

Anything that concerns you at the moment? 

That there is a racist political parti in more and more countries and that Donald Trump is going to be president… makes me want to puke every time i think about it… 

When I get old I want to, Chill have fun travel and experience new stuff all over this planet and beyond! 

I would NEVER, buy sex from a prostitute. 

That one time where I was in jail because of,  Just managed to miss that one and I’m happy for that.

I should do more of,  Graff or just art and projects of stuff like that in particular, My future looks like, Hard to say, but a lot of trips i hope and new projects.

I dream of some day that I would, have a successful t-shirt brand. 

On Netflix / YouTube / Internet I watch,  Mr. Robot. Gotham, OA, a bunch of Marvel series, and alooooot of scratch videos. and some graft videos too. 

If I could change the world I would, Make the wars end. 

Everybody should own a., Healthy sane mind. 

The hobby I have, no one knows about is, Maybe that i play pool sometimes. 

I will never get rid of, my skateboard.

Any regrets in life so far? 

Too many but at the same time not cause it shaped me and i down want to be any other person/ place. 

I currently follow (social media, instagram twitter, Facebook) 

A lot of people, some give you something some you gett tired of, but i like to get another perspective although i down agree with everybody i follow its interesting to get another perspective. 

Anything else, Don’t know, be nice to each other. Try to be creative have fun don’t be negative. 

Random story’s you want to share?  Dont know really know. 

Thanks to everybody skating and tryin to make this world a better place with art or the best way they can. 

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