10 spots with Frederik Høpfner

Frederik H, Sunny BS smith. Photo: Thomas Kring

Frederik H, Sunny BS smith. Photo: Thomas Kring

X-hall – I’ve been there a couple of times already, and its perfect! Cant wait to skate it, once it opens! Hopefully they’re gonna fix the roof problem before 2018, haha

The FSR spot in NV – I haven’t skatet the spot since the corner has been build! It looks so smooth! I’m definitely looking forward to some sessions there!

Hullet – I really wanna learn to skate that bowl properly! It’s just so difficult and unpredictable i think.

The vert in fælledparken – I’ve been skating alot of vert lately, at a privat ramp in ballerup. Its 10 cm smaller than Bryggeriets vert, so its gonna be fun skating something bigger!

Fælledparkens deepend – It’s really scary, and really sticky, compared to a wooden ramp, but i guess once you get used to it, it shouldn’t be as scary.

The vans park in Sweden – That bowl is just insane! Everything is huge and there is a lot og different transitions! I got to skate it once, a couple of days before the Vans parks series, but it was crowded with pros, so i was watching them more than skating it myself.

The skatepark in Lund, Sweden – I’ve only heard of it, haven’t seen many pictures, so im excited to see how it is! So far i’ve only heard nice things about it!

Birkerød skatepark – Haven’t been there yet, but i heard the pool should be like a real pool, super sketchy and no flat….. fuck yeah!

New spots – I love to skate new spots and skateparks (old ones as well), so whatever i’m gonna skate in 2017 is gonna be dope!

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