Lodge Set up, Balder Lehmann


Balder showing his set up: Photo: Thomas Kring

Balder Lehmann, MY set up.

Board:  8.3 Anti hero, skate this size for 5-6 years now..

Trucks: 149 mm Indy Trucks, i use the old Cushions from the old trucks, but not on this set up, as my Cushions is  farked, I keep my back truck a bit more tight vs the front truck.

Grip: Jessup

Wheels: Spitfire 55 mm, not sure what kind of spitfires, i dont like them too wide…

Bearings: Spitfires …i think, i like open bearings

Bolts: not sure

Trend:  Always a sidewalk sticker on, I draw a arrow ->on the grip on order to find our which way im going, I just want to keep my board a simples as possible. I only have 1 board and 1 size.


Cushions is farked,

Cushions is farked, Time for a new one.  Photo: Thomas Kring

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