2016 / 2017 Highlights with Tor Ström

Please name 5 random things that you want to HIGHLIGHT & WHY for 2016


Tredje Akten! Fun project with all my homeboys no bullshit just fun time and hard times editing haha




2. CPH OPEN Even more good times with the homies.

3. HD

4.  My birthday. I can finally buy beers in Sweden!

5 . Källan Open! We had a mini contest at the local bar in Malmö. It was epic more to come!

Please name 5 things that you want to DO and HIGHLIGHT for 2017 and why


  1. Looking forward too travel the world with my camera, skateboard and friends.
  2. Moving to CPH!!! Going to be epic! Can´t wait!
  3. OSKI! Something good is cooking. keep your eyes open!
  4. New York! Never been to the states so really looking forward for that.
  5. LodgeTour???


News years resolutions ?

Not to blow it 2017!



Anything else ?

Mad love for the Lodge and the Dawgies!

Happy Holidays




Thanks to ?

All my friends, Family and Shredderslodge

Photo credits:  Tor Ström

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