Lodger, David Stenström

Welcome DAVID  ! 

Name: David Stenström

Current:job / school: skateboarding

Where are you from: ? Stockholm Sweden

Where do you currently live: ? Stockholm Sweden

Sponsors: Polar skate co, converse,  carhartt-wip

What are you doing right now/ this month ?

I’m goin to Malmo and Paris to film 2 different projects

What is your job and what do you do ?

I skateboard I travel to different places around the world and take photos and film the spots we are skatin at

How is the skateboard life in stockholm as we speak ?

it’s ok pretty chill just skate with the homies the bridge park is the local park maybe a street spot here and there tryin to film at home as much as I can

What is the future plans for DS ?

no ide man I wanna learn play a instrument maybe I do that or work with jewelry we see right now I just wanna charge on my skateboard


Are you living the dream ?

I think I live the dream I mean this is what I always wanted to do but i don’t think I’m gonna realize what I have until it’s over


Frontside Blunt – Photo: Nils Svensson


What would be your ( WET ) dream project ?

Maybe have a house in some beautiful place in Scandinavia with really nice concrete bowl in the backyard and a few dogs there aswell

Any thing else ?

I like long walks on the beach in the sunset with a glas of wine in my hand JK

Ahah actually on the question,  I instead of the beach thing I wanna say if you travel the distance the distance will follow


Thanks DAVID !!

Thanks to Nils Svensson for all the foto’s of david. Shot by Nils. dope shit.




Photo: Nils Svensson

Photo: Nils Svensson


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