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Michael & Christian Jensen

Michael & Christian Jensen at CPH OPEN



Name: Michael Emil Bergh Jensen

Current: Job/ School: Director BM Tømrer ApS.  (Michael own Carpenter company)

Where are you from: Hirtshals, Denmark

Where do you currently live? I currently live in Hvidovre, Copenhagen

Kids / family status: Single, with my 4 year old boy named Sean

Age: 37                      

Sponsors: Flow for Globe

Board size: 8`

Wheel size: 56 mm

Trucks size : Indys 128MM

When i wake up in the morning, I sometimes eat breakfast, but not all the time. Put on my work clothes and start to wake sean up. This scenario can take a long time, so we get up at 0530 in the morning. During his breakfast, I usually clean my house so it is nice to come home to. Out the door and drive off to work

Duing the day i normaly think about,  My brother, what to eat in the evening. Girls, of course the assignment I am working on. Money. My son. Planing the week so and so.

The last years i have been  filming with my friend in Birkerød. Filming some small clips on his miniramp, that I have build. and trying to set up my company as good as possible.

When i go skate, i normally skate,  Miniramp, bowl or some street. Use do skate a lot of vert back in the day, when the scene was pretty rad in Copenhagen.

I preferre to eat,  Healthy, but it is hard sometimes. I make dinner for my son in the week that he is with me. When I am alone, Mcdonalds is my good friend.

When i relax i really like to,  lay on the couch and watch a series or a movie.



Watch Michael Jensen’s Mini part in the Cane skateboard film from 2007 below.



I currently dream about: A bright future for my son. Of recovering from my brother´s death. Live happy. Become a dad for the second time. (oh, and maybe a girlfriend). Hehe. To have a succesful company.

Back in the day when i was. Skating the spot in Hirtshals with all my friends was the best time of my life. Gettin ´on the flip team and skating Ipunkt with my brother and all the Copenhagen dudes. When I look through it all was/is skateboarding my lifeline for all my childhood – best experiences and best friendships.  

I really like to travel: to USA to skate, because my last trip with Thomas Madsen, we both got a knee injury, so we were unable to skate,  unfair.  

The best skateboarder i have ever seen was: Is Danny way. I have reflected my skateboarding on him, and he has been my skateboarding (hero) since I started skating back in 89´. There is only ”One Way”

The best session i have ever had was: the malmø trips,  we all went to back in the day, when we did not have a vert in Copenhagen.

In the futue i will teach my son how to skate and learn him everything about skateboarding.

Thanks Michael Jensen for your time & always good mood 




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2 Responses

  1. Tobias Plass says:

    Alt for syg skating og så den gang. back to the Future…Sejt Michael

  2. Henrik Roth Andersen says:

    Optur. Michael, du er for vild!!
    Og tak for så mange gode sessions.

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