Lodger, Frederik Høpfner

foto: unknown, working on finding the name

foto: unknown, working on finding the name

Name: Frederik Høpfner

Current: Job / school: UCC, but right now, as a part of my education, I’m in internship at an institution for children with special needs.

Where are you from? Raised on Amager, Copenhagen

Where do you currently live? Nord-vest, Copenhagen

Kids / family status: not yet

Age: 22 in a couple of days

Sponsors: maybe Chacales. I get support from Circus Circus.

Years of skateboarding: 11

Board size:8,5

Wheel size:56 mm

Trucks:  149 indys

I change set up every: boards last a month. The rest, probably every year, I guess.

Current Board trend : a chipped nose or tail, unfortunately

Your daily DAY by the hours,  ( or tell us about your longest day the last weeks)

06.00 Sleeping.

07.00 Wake up.

08.00 Go to Emdrup gård, my internship.

09.00 Do math with the kids.

10.00 Eat fruit and play cards.

11.00 Solve a conflict between some kids.

12.00 Eat lunch and play guitar.

13.00 Break up two kids, before they rip each others face off, because a disagreement in soccer.

14.00 Say goodbye to all the children, and bike home.

15.00 Eat some rugbrødsmadder and off for a session.

16.00 Skating.

17.00 Still skating.

18.00 Take a break, eating an icecream.

19.00 Hopefully getting a new trick for the IRON video.

20.00 Buy groceries and go home.

21.00 Cook a healthy dinner.

22.00 Play my guitar.

23.00 Watch an episode of Family Guy.

24.00 Hopefully i’m sleeping at that moment!




How are you doing at the moment ? 

I’m doing great! Looking forward to Roskilde Festival, and a trip to Bulgaria with my friends!

When I chill, I chill with,

Mostly the IRON guys, but I kinda chill with everybody.

I have been on a mission lately in ( with)

Oslo, with Marcus Vik and Martin Strøm. Sick place to skate!!

Dream session is, 

Every session with my friends!

Lately i have been working on,

the IRON video!

When I was little I would like to,

Be Spiderman! I was always hoping for spiders to bite me!

When im home I like to, 

Eat food, play guitar, cook, watch a good movie.

I normally call my homies for, 

A session or a BBQ or party, mostly.

Your homies are,  

The IRON guys! They are the best!

I enjoy going to,  

Anywere I haven’t been too. New places is the most fun!

Favorite drink is,


Favorite food is , 

My mom’s cooking is the best!

Favorite drug,

Endorphins and adrenaline! I get a lot!

Favorite music, 

Slayer, but I like a lot of different music.

Favorite film,  

Sprængfarlig Bombe, Stepbrothers and Evil Dead.

Favorite skateboarders,

Chris Russel and Jerry Gurney.

Favorite skatefilm ,

I like the old Strange Notes, but I dont watch too many skatevideos. My friends videos is always cool to watch.

Favorite skatepark,

New skateparks!!! I love Fælledparken and Hullet too!

Favorite spot,

every spot! You can always get something out of it!

Favorite woman / man  ( blond, fat, thin, big, small) 

I like fat people doing fat tricks, like frontside rock or slash grinds!

When I cook, I cook,

I’ve been cooking a lot of ratatouille lately.

To go to restaurant is,

DOMO is worth a visit for sure!

To go to trick is, 

Backside nosegrab, I think.

To go to trick when you are farked is,

Frontside slash grind.

To go to trick when you are winning is,

Backside nosegrind.

TOP 3 Cities,

Copenhagen, Barcelona and any city I haven’t been too!

When I travel, I always bring, 

My board, astma medication and good mood!

Best travel advise I can give is, 

Travel as much as you can!

TOP SUCK citys, 

Pyongyang, North-Korea can’t be a good place to be.

When I do not skateboard I,

Hang out with the boys, eat chillies, listen to music, solve rubik’s cubes, play guitar, win in Counterstrike, poke my latest excoriations, do handstands and cook food.

My fitness program is,

Eat ostepops and watch Netflix.

When I get old I want to,

Sit under a tree, somewhere sunny and peaceful, with a cold beer in my hand.

I would like to see more of,

Jerry Gurney! That guy is so funny!!!

That one time where I was in jail because of,

i’ve never been in jail before. I behave like an angel sent from above…… When sober.

I should do more of,

Skating, traveling and play the guitar!

My future looks like,  

Traveling, partying and skating!

I dream of, 

being able to ride a megaramp some day! It looks like so much fun!

The book I currently read is,

Brains! It’s about the point of view, of a zombie In an apocalypse. Sounds silly, but it’s quite sick!

On Netflix I watch,  

Family Guy, Under the dome, B-movies.

If I could change the world I would, 

Make every wall on earth a quarterpipe!…. World peace is all right as well.

The Hobby I have no one knows about is, 

I secretly sneak out to play a little golf, now and then.

I would love to be in a movie with, 

Ulrich Thomsen! He is only able to act as a complete psychopath

I currently follow (social media, instagram twitter, facebook)

ouff, I follow a lot of people, too many to mention.

Life advise so far ? 

Run as fast as you can!!!

Anything else,



My plesure! Thanks for having me!

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