Lodge Guest, Douglas Meurling



Name: Douglas Meurling

Current: job / school: Bryggeriet Skatepark, Juicekliniken

Where are you from? Bara, Small town outside Malmö.

Where do you currently live? Malmö baby

Kids / family status: Friends are my family

Age: 19

Sponsors: Sloppy Satan, 4 eye crew

Years of skateboarding: 6 years

Board size: 8.75

Wheel size: 55mm

Trucks: 159 indys

I change set up every: maybe 2 times a year. I don’t know

When I chill, I chill with.

The boys at svampen or at stapel. Otherwise with my friends from my local cafe.

Im have been on a mission lately in ( with)

In the streets of Malmö with anyone I meet up with on the way.

Lately i have been working on

My resume and my curbgame haha.

When I was little I would like to…

Get a Pokémon tattooed on my arm

When im home I like to.

Listen to my vinyls, Cook something good and clean the apartment.

Normaly call my homies for.

S.B.V, Skating, Beers, Vinyls

Your homies are

too many to list.

I enjoy to go to

Stapelbäddsparken, Lite off cafe, svampen, Folkets Park

Favorite drink is

Hard one. Champagne or beer

Favorite food is

Tomato filled steaks, tagliatelle and my special mushroom sauce.

Favorite drug

coffee, skateboarding

When I cook , I cook

whatever is in the fridge

I listen to

Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan, Magnolia electric co, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd etc

To go to resturant is


Favorit skateboarders

Andrew Allen, AVE, Gilbert Crockett, J-Mag, Johnny D, Oski, Kalle Berglind, Bengan,

Sebo W-H, Emildabows

Favorite skatepark


Favorit spot


TOP 3 citys

Malmö, CPH, New York

When I do not skateboard I.

Mostly partying

My fitness program is

Drink as much beer for as little money as possible

When I get old I want to

Buy a boat

I would like to see more of

Robin Roos, David Hermansson, Bengan

That one time where I was in jail because of

not yet

I should do more of

hang out with the boys in Copenhagen

I dream of

a full-on job and don’t have to worry about money

The book I currently read is

the bible (thrasher)

I currently follow ( sociale media)

sixstair, _pedrodelfino, andrewb.allen, zioziegler

Anything else & Thanks :

Want to thank you Thomas and all the homies out there. Stay relevant.

And Tao. Get that film out there. We wanna see it <3.  Peace !

Thanks sir  for supporting the lodge  !!  


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