Le Boxx is the second Dorkzone video project

Le Boxx is the second Dorkzone video project that further seeks to merge the worlds of dorky art and skating.
In the video our main Dork Gabbe Viking travels into a mysterious black box where all of the oddities of the colourful

Dorkzone universe await him and his fellow Dorks.

All of the animation and props for the video were handmade by Mike who combined the mediums of cell animation, stop motion and scanned art to create a world of pastel coloured characters. The whole video is tied together by renaissance man Sondre Mortensen’s soundtrack (who also stars in the video!)

Our videos are only the tip of the Dorkzone Universe.

We also host exhibitions and workshops to teach animation and skate graphic production. Le Boxx also marks the launch of our rst collection of boards, publications and threads that are out now! We have lots more artsy fartsy dorky worky treats coming your way so stay tuned!


The mother ship:

Photos: @nils Animation/art: @thehighbrowcompany


@dr.phil.evans Music: @sondrem


Gabriel Viking: @gabkebab_
Moa Zander: @chickenmaama Sondre Mortensen @sondremMimmi Leckius @mimmileckius
Amandus Mortensen @amandusamandus


phil@philevans.tv nils@bryggeriet.org

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