Ghetto pics from join the streetparty

A few random phone pics

From the join the streetpary JAM, in Copenhagen. please enjoy 


a few 100's came for sliders and burgers

a few 100’s came for sliders and burgers


3 legends was in the house….you name them


looks like a normal kodak picture from 1993


tuff guys from Sidewalk


our 2 new favs...interviews soon ? ...we hope so

our 2 new favs…interviews soon ? …we hope so


Ginger does fakie

Ginger does it…to fakie



one rail and a dope board


so ready to party…


hmmmmm…where is my beers ?


Time is now….


good hang outs


more hang outs and fitness in the back…in case you want. Thank you join the streetpary for the beers


2 greats…



we are SOO much looking forward to his video party coming out… !!!!





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