Bryggeriet NEW street !!

Workhard – Skatehard. This is actually a LODGE MOTTO!! we like it.


Okay, What do you see ? hello wallride, rails, ledge, 1/4 pipe, stairs, eurogap ( jugga ask for this in 20 years, and he got it, hard work pays off !! ) EVERYTHING WORKS !!


very nice, this year come out really good.


Right side is also a banger, great bank at the end


Yes sir


we are waiting for the 50 50 on the rail. TIC TAC TIC TAK….oski ?


still space for flat ….take it easy…there is space




good ol bowl…still working


oski …oski…come out and plaaaaayyyy


OVERVIEW 2019, Soooooo , we wanna rate this.. are we talking the best street to date in bryggen ? …YES  we think it is up there in the TOP FOR SURE.  They manage to put a lot of creativity in the street and still lot of space, but you judge for your self, when you go shred.  Do we wanna come back ?  yes we will come back and skate max HARD. The concept Vert, bowl and street is always great dynamics for a skatepark. Brings people together and session, brings energy, brings motivation, brings new ideas, different styles.  Lodge session x bryggen the next months…SEE YOU THERE. 


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