KBH mixen, Ville Vester Part & Friends !

Okay this is going to be very dope. Ville Vester part with friends, filmed around CPH, filmed by Tor Strøm.  This can not get any better. We can not wait  !!

Premiere at: Byens LYS, Christiania Copenhagen, link is here for direction, Byens LYS BIO

Date: 19 Oct, 2018

Entry: Free

What: Ville Vester & Friends is killing  in the the streets of CPH, filmed by Tor Strøm

Time:  8 PM

WHO: Daarkness, oski, hjalte, ville vester, Tor Strøm, herb, hugo, hunter, wilson, rune, enzu,  and more  !

See you there  !!!

Extra notes: Ville insta mix 2016



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