2016-2017 Highlights with Emil Kjeldsen

Please name 5 random things that you want to HIGHLIGHT & WHY  for 2016

1. Soulland X Nike launch party because the beautiful Alex Olson was DJ

2. Marseille Rooftops with frenchman who know how to be on vacation

3. Sunny June days in Copenhagen where street skating was possible

4. Fred at Condesa with a spoon in one hand, and a pitcher in the other

5. Nike X Sloppy Satan dinner in Malmø, celebrating Tor Strom and his Video

Please name 5  things that you want to  DO and HIGHLIGHT  for 2017 and why 

1. I am going to win Roskilde 2017

2. I am going to learn frontside Airs

3. Sail a couple of Boats and travel

4. Start on some projects

5. And hopefully upgrade my lush life

News years resolutions ? 

Party more

Anything else ? 

If anyone need to give me free stuff, my email is ekjeldsen97@gmail.com, Thanks.

Thanks to The lodge as always and everyone who made 2016 a memorable year!!

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