Carhartt WIP QUIZ


Carhartt WIP  QUIZ !!

WIN A 1000 DKK GIFT CARD  to  by answering 3 Questions here below, write down below your answers and remember to add your email adresse in the comment field, so the Carhartt WIP TEAM can contact you if you win.

  1. Name 3 skateboard Carhartt WIP TEAM riders
  2. Name your 3 favorite Carhartt WIP items
  3. Name 1 of your Carhartt WIP Christmas wish’s

Winner will be contacted on Friday 16-12-2016


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11 Responses

  1. Jens says:

    1. Jonas skrøder, David steenstrøm & max palmer
    2. Master pant, chase sweater, chore coat
    3. Chase sweat

  2. Baxxel says:

    1. Jonas Skrøder, David steenstrøm Phil Zwijsen
    3 hooded chase sweat

  3. Per Svendsen says:

    1. Jonas Skrøder, Phil zwijsen, Hjalte halberg
    2. Cargo bukser, pocket T-shirt holbrook
    3. Single knee

  4. Villads says:

    1. Peter stege, morten westh, burger
    2. Detroit jacket, master pant II, rubber boat (!)
    3. Rubber boat

  5. Vytas says:

    1. Hjalte Halberg, Jonas Skrøder, Phil Zwijsen
    2. Texas Pants, Nimbus Pullover jakke, College Script Sweat
    3. L/S NTS Cube logo t-shirt (Lagoon)

  6. Karl Schieck says:

    Hjalte halberg, Jonas skrøder, David steentrøm
    Texas pant II, Detroit jacket, carhartt classic crewneck
    Pocket tee

  7. maximilian trej says:

    1. Phil Zwijsen, Robbin De Wit, Felipe Bartolome
    2. Simple pant, royal vest, l/a Wesley shirt
    3. Scout best liner

  8. Douglas says:

    1. Jonas Skrøder, Pontus Alv, Phil Zwijsen
    2. Simple pant, Scout Liner, Single knee pant
    3 Carhartt WIP X Pro-Ject turntable

  9. Sabrina says:

    1. Max Palmer, Andrew Wilson, Phil Zwijsen
    2. Marshall Jogger Camo Laurel, W Bib Overall, L/S Pocket tee
    3. The Carhartt Wip Archives Book by Rizzoli

  10. Peter Deigaard says:

    1 Hjalte Halberg, Jonas Skrøder, Phil Zwijsen
    2 master pant II, station pant, L/S Pocket tee
    3 Master pant II

  11. Edwin says:

    1. Hjalte Hallberg, David Stenström, Jonas Skøder
    2. Nimbus pullover jacket, Texas pant, Quarter-zip mock-neck sweatshirt
    3. Nimbus pullover jacket

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