15 Years with Sidewalk skateshop

Thomas Madsen, skateboarder, father and sidewalk skateshop owner.

Thomas Madsen, skateboarder, father and sidewalk skateshop owner, since 15 years

How has it been to own a skatestore for 15 years ?
It’s been a dream come through. I always wanted to work in the world of skateboarding. When I was younger I was dreaming about California and wanted to work for one of the big companies like Santa Cruz or Powell Peralta, but when I finally made it over in ‘95, the world economy had crashed and the companies were struggling. So I ended up skating everyday and had some of the best time of my life.
What has been the best experience
The best is always to put a complete board together and see a kid get super stoked over his first board.
What has been the worst experiences ?
I don’t think I had any bad experiences. I want to see the shop grow and be part of a community. And that is still the plan.
Can you make some dollars on having a skate store ? 
Yes. Freedom is more important to me than money. But you gotta work to live and I’m very happy of what I’m doing.
Do you want to open more stores ?
No. I keep it simple.
Do you still have time to skate ?
Not enough.
What about your team,  they seem to be doing a good job for you ?
The team (hugo,Ville, just, Roberts, balder, stege, Nicoline and Noa) are all ambassadors. The help me tell the story about Sidewalk for sure. I have a lot of people to thank for that Sidewalk exist today and all of the team is diffidently some of them.
Do you plan any more sidewalk tours ? 
Yes. Hopefully we will do a Tour in Denmark this summer.
Do you want to see more skatestore owned stores around the world ?
Yes. I think you will see them in the future and they are important for the local skate community’s.

What advise would you give a new skater that want to open a skate store ?
Find a community that needs it.
Can you tell us a  funny customer story ?  
We sold Sean Malto a new complete board and Nike shoes, because his luggage for CPH OPEN was missing. I thought that was a little bit funny.

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