Lodge Legend, Sasha Steinhorst



Current: Job / school:

Director of Association of International Skateboarder’s. AIS

Where are you from?

Born in San Diego, CA. Grew up in San Francisco, CA from age 4.

Please name a cool spot from where you are from?

Oasis Skatepark, San Diego, CA. and Fort Miley, San Francisco, CA.

Where do you currently live?

Prague, Czech Republic. But will be moving back to California by printing of this.

Please name a cool spot from where you are from?

Mystic Skate park, Prague, Czech Republic.

What nationaly do you feel the most?

I feel all Nationalities of skateboarding. All people.

Family status:



48 yrs young


Bones Wheels and Bearings, Etnies Shoes, Independent Trucks, PSStix

Years of skateboarding: 41 yrs

Board, wheels, trucks size:

8.25w x 14.5wb deck  54 – 58 mm. Depends what we are riding that day. Mostly keep it at 56, happy medium size for all terrain. 149mm trucks.


Sasha BS 180NG Etnies, Photo: not sure, credits coming

Sasha BS 180NG Etnies, Photo: not sure, credits coming

I change set up every:

When needed. I ride it until it’s gone. I’m not spoiled.

Current Board trend: Trend?

I ride what I like. A normal shaped skateboard. No OG Fish Tails, Side cuts or Rails for me.

Please state your type of terrain on your board in hours, days and years or other





Dopeness, Sash lipslide etnies Photo: Ortiz

How are you doing at the moment?

At the moment, I’m working on the back end logistics for the 2017 Bondi Bowl A Rama contest in Sydney, Australia. It’s coming up this month.

How is your body at the moment, (injuries, knees, back, and so)?

Just coming off a long time off the board. Wasn’t skating for various reasons. Body in general feels pretty good considering the amount of abuse over the years.

I will be spending my Spring time getting back to Full power and Homeostasis.

When did you start to skate and why? What tricked you into this?

I started skateboarding in 76’ish. Just saw some kids in the neighborhood. I tried it and was hooked. Especially after my parents took me to Oasis skate park for the first time.

Do you think you made the right choice (instead of playing football FX?)?

I played other sports when I was young. My father wanted me to be a Tennis star. I had coaches. Was nationally ranked. But somehow I was always drawn back to my Skateboard. By the time I reached my early years of High School, I pretty much gave up all other “quote” Sports to pursue my passion for the “Art of Skateboarding”.

Anything that influences you at the moment?

Positive people.

Do you feel skateboarding is in a good way?

From my point of view, No it is not. A huge amount of greedy corporate influence. Endemics cannot survive and may soon cease to exist if current trend keeps going.

Where do you stand & please comment with skateboarding in the Olympics?

It is what is. It’s Big Corporate Business agenda that will not be stopped. It’s been let loose and many will profit. AIS will be there to provide events to those that don’t want to be part of the IOC corporate machine.


Sash - FS Five O. San Fran. 94' Photo: Dean Randall Pic

Sash – FS Five O. San Fran. 94′ Photo: Dean Randall Pic

Where do you stand in terms of politics? 

Humanity please…..

When I chill, I chill with, 

My Lady

I’m have been on a mission lately in (with)

Just back from Borlänge, Sweden. I was up there for the Eurocana Reunion with Hans “Puttis” Jacobsson, Patric Blacklund, Dave Oslund and others. Super fun weekend of skateboarding!

Dream session would be, 

I try to make every session a “Dream Session”.

Lately I have been working on, 


When I was little I would like to, 

Skate down the hills of San Francisco. Speed was the object!

When I’m home I like to, 

Mountain Bike, Play with Moto’s in the Man cave. Cook food. Brew beer.

I normally call my homies for, 

Love, Friendship and Skateboarding.


Sasha, FO ledge Photo Master: Ortiz

Sasha, FO ledge Photo Master: Ortiz



Beer: Many

Wine: Red

Liquor: Jack Daniels

FOOD: Good healthy food. Mostly plant based, although we do like a nice piece of flesh every now and then.

Skateboarders: Gonz, Losi,

Skatepark: Etnies, Lake Forest, CA. Skatepark du Prado, Marseille, France.

Skate spot: China Banks, San Francisco, CA.

You fave Tricks: Tricks are for kids… As the board interprets the urban canvas, the feeling of Art is created. OK… I like Frontside Handplants.

Art: Salvador Dali

Film: Mad Max

Music: Vast collection of tunes! We like it all.

Book: Manufacturing Consent. Noam Chomski. 1988.

City’s: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Prague, Copenhagen, Berlin, Dubai, Sydney.

Writers: Noam Chomski, Paulo Coelho

Tablet: iPad

Camera: Canon 5D

Phone: iPhone

Car: Passat Combi

Bike: Aprilia RSV4 APRC, Specialized Enduro Carbon 650B

Sash, Buttonwillow Oct 04

Sash, Buttonwillow Oct 04

When was the last time you really won big time? 

Everyday I wake up. I’m killing it.

When was the time you really lost big time? 

As I get older. It’s about losing family and friends that are close to you. Give hugs!

When I travel, I always bring,

Underwear. Mama always said that if something happens. You always wanna have clean undies on.

Best travel advice I can give is, Rightmindfullness. Spatial awareness. Remember that shit happens. Look up.

Best life advice I can give is, 

Do unto other’s as you would have them do to you.

Are you good with money (do you plan, safe it, cash in or blow it)? 

Money does not = happiness. It’s only a tool to certain means. Never to be worshiped.

Best travel memory you want to share?

That time back in 2004ish with Thomas Kring, Albert Neilson, Thomas Madsen, Nicky Guerrero and all the other Danes in Barcelona for the X Games. So many good travel stories and friends over the years. Skateboarding is good like that!

When I do not skateboard I, 

Mountain bike. Road race motorcycles. Brew beer.

My fitness program is, 

Healthy food and lots of Skate, MTB and Moto. I’m going to start to swim on regular, Good for the joints.

Do you care about your health? 

You would be a fool not to…. YES.


Sash_Les2Alpes2015, Photo: Luca Sorgente

Sash Les2lpes 2015 Photo: Luca Sorgente

Anything that concerns you at the moment?  

Society losing site of the truly important things that matter to HUMANS. Young kids pushing Mongol!!

When I get old I want to, 

Age gracefully.

I would NEVER,  Say Never!!!!

I would like to see more of, Thomas Kring!

That one time where I was in jail because of, 

Never. Does not apply.

I should do more of, 


My future looks like,  Bright and colorful.

I dream of some day that I would,  

Be a philanthropist.

If I could change the world I would,

I would try to create a world where no young child grows up pushing Mongol. We can prevent this tragedy. Scooters would have to be re-thought as well.

Everybody should own a,  A book and tooth brush.

The hobby I have, no one knows about is,  

Now why would I let the cat out for the bag…. Duh.

I will never get rid of,  

California lifestyle.

I would love to be in a movie with,  

I don’t want to be in a movie. LOL.

Any regrets in life so far?  

Nope. All good. Enjoy the path.

I currently follow (social media, instagram twitter, Facebook) 

I really try hard NOT TO FOLLOW.

Anything else, 

Enjoy your day!

Thanks to

Mom and Dad. Those that believe.

Sasha_Eurocana2017_Dave_Oslund_Pic 2

Sasha, Eurocana 2017, a few days ago !! photo master: Dave Ostlund




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