Lodge Upcomer, Marvin hvidsoe

FS photo: Mika löfgren

What is your name ?

Marvin hvidsoe

Where do you live and where are you from ?

Ølstykke, Denmark

Why skateboarding ? How did it start for you ?

When i was 7 years old my dad bought me a skateboard and i’ve been skating ever since

What size set up, wheels & trucks do you currently ride ?

always Flip 8.25, Indy 149, Bones spf 58 mm

Any sponsors ?

Triple8nyc, 187killerpads.

School, work, not working or other occupation ?

8th grade


Bs indy


How is a normal day looking for you ? ( start from morning til late night)

Waking up at 7 am, Then off to School at 8 am, then fitness at 3 pm, then skating the rest Off the day

Tell us how a good long weekend is looking for you

I love weekendtrips to vert competitions around Europe




What are you planing for the summer 2018 ?

I am going to woodward PA

Any new projects or missions 2018, you wanna talk about ?

Skate as much Vert and Bowl as possible

Who are you hanging out with at the moment ?

The spoonmountain Crew



Who and what is your motivation at the moment ?

My motivation is and have always been Rune Glifberg

What else is going on ?

Just skateing

What do you do besides skateboarding, hobbies, other interests ?

I go to the gym

What is your to go to resturant ?

My mother’s kitchen

When you cook food, what do you cook ?

Frozen pizza

Whats your top 3 favorite drinks ?

Burn energy drink, Faxe kondi, water

How do you see the future of skateboarding ?

I think the future is bright

Who do we need to interview on the lodge ?

Tate Carew


Best session at Tony Hawk’s
Thank you ?

Thank you dad for building the spoonmountain drive Vert ramp

Last words ?

Vert is NOT dead!!!!

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