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How long have you been filming & how did you start ?

I have been filming since the mid-Nineties and shooting Photos regularly for about 5 years.



What kind of equipment do you use?

I currently use a bunch of different stuff depending on the needs of the shoot. I shoot most skate stuff with a Nikon D750 and sometime hook up a Black Magic Video assist for filming at a higher res.


Photo: Neal Hendrix, Band photo of McRad, Scott Taylor is on the drums !!


What do you prefer?

I’d have to say Photography because it’s much less time consuming, and a much less complicated process. But I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and get some great interviews on video and that can be an awesome experience too.


Bucky Andrecht fakie, Tonys

Bucky Andrecht fakie, Tonys


How much money do you spend on equipment?

I probably own enough to buy a really nice used car..

Do you only shoot skateboarding? Or other? If other please list?

I work for an agency that sends me on all types of photo shoots, sport, real estate, company parties, arial drone shoots., I have to be prepared for anything. And sometime I just sit in my yard looking for things to capture.. Like this Dragonfly.


dgfly 8 slogdeg


What is your best film mission so far? 3-4 years ago Ozzy Ausband from Blue tile lounge took a few of us out to skate the most insane pool I’d ever ridden. It was on new years day, and we drove through snow, Ice and rain to get there. It was an 80 foot long egg, with a decent deep end and side walls that were like an endless wave..




What is the difference from the 80 90 20 2010s in filming ?

We’ll the nineties were cool because video cameras got a lot better with the 3 chip ccd, then the 2000’s were about switching to high def, then 2 years later it was DSLR’s, then back to video cameras (sort of..) But now with gopros, drones and 4k iPhones it’s really cool how many ways there are to tell a story visually..

What do you preferred to film with?

There’s no doubt a good video camera is the easiest, but once you get used to the depth of field and flexibility of DSLR’s its hard to go back to video cameras, unless you have the budget for a new hybrid style camera that uses cinema style lenses

Who do you preferred to film with?

I’m happy to film with just about anyone. I like to shoot with Bucky because I love what he can do with a skateboard. Peter Hewitt, Jimmy Wilkins, PLR, and Lincoln Ueda are also fun to shoot with because they deliver the goods every time. But living in SoCal, there are always people visiting like Moto, or Jessie Thomas, who are just stoked to be out here, and it’s fun to document this time in their life/career and hopefully help get them noticed..

Do you wanna share any proud filming moments ?

I’m usually most proud when I get a shot that requires a moving camera, which is usually me on a skateboard. These shots are so easy to blow, that when it works, it’s something to be proud of.. There’s a shot of a Nollie flip lipslide over the channel at Tonys that turned out nicely from Buckys part. I also like it when I can get a good Photo with a wide aperture and have it be in focus..





Bucky tweaked bsa 50 2mm rededit

“Bucky Melon nose bone shot”

Any film advises?

Learn, Shoot, learn, shoot some more.. make shooting a job while you are learning.. Take advantage of all the info on youtube, ask questions, most photographers I meet are very happy to share their knowledge..



Owen, FS invert at Tonys Ramp.

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