Copenhagen OPEN 2017 TRAILER





The CPH OPEN in Copenhagen is truly the champagne of skateboarding and an entertainment experience off a lifetime.

Each year in July, 50-70 cream of the crop riders from all over the globe come to the Copenhagen, Denmark, for a five-day event that makes use of the entire city space to find and build surprising and innovative skateboard environments. CPH Open knows no physical borders.

Since its inception in 2007, CPH Open has grown to be the biggest and baddest of European skateboard events. In the process, it has set a new standard for what a skateboard event can and should be, by preserving the core values that made us fall in love with skateboarding in the first place. From day one, our goal has been to put Copenhagen firmly on the international map and show that our capital city has much to offer as a world-class skateboard destination. With the participation of our partners, the greatest talent available, and the support of ever-growing crowds, we have done just that. In short, CPH Open is everything the other competitions are not.

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