DZTV episode for you right here

We’ve got a jam packed brand new DZTV episode for you right here!

Episode 5 features

Gabbe Viking A brand new section from twinkled toed wizard in Low Profile

Daniel “Jugga” Stankovic reflects on his part from Pontus Alv’s video “In Search of the Miraculous” in The Vault.

Jonathan Sjöberg takes us through collections of vinyl, DVDs and bits of old spots (as well as shredding) in his Slice of Life.

Mike O’Shea shows us how to pimp our rides with a griptape art workshop in Art Class.

Karsten Kleppan tells Tor Ström the secrets of his under carraige in What You Ride.

There’s lots more cameos from the likes of Heitor Da Silva, Sondre Moretensen and more!




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