Ghetto pocket pics, KBH MIXEN

a great premiere starts with a great dinner with FAT beers. Cheers


On the bikes, but still have time to take a cool bro’s bridge team photo as you like


kinda blurry early on the night….damn…gotta take it easy on the drinks…


Trying to find a seat…Marc got a good seat…


the good people are on the house….YEBBA & SKRODS


packed and stoked ..we are SOOOO  READY !!


Ville and Tao on stage and getting READY !!! KBH MIXEN


KBH MIXEN is FARKEN DOPE, lets go to the bar !!!!


Gustav does some boxing…


O la la, CLUBBING TIME …Tobias is in there …



Tao, getting down. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS ?



party in the corner as we like


GAME over. Blurry. KBH MIXEN NIGHT. You can imagine the rest of the evening your self. Thanks Tao for making ( another ) GREAT skate film, KBH MIXEN is REALLY  + REALLY dope, we are looking forward to post the video soon. !!!  Ville Vester  shreds hard (  and his friends)  and we are very motivated to skate more because of this, LOTS MORE MORE MORE.  Thanks Ville VESTER & TAO  !!! Thanks to sidewalk and Nike SB for the support, and everyone that came out for a great evening. WE LOVE IT and we WANT MORE.  See you out there


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