Lodge Guest, Emrik Strandh

What is your name ? Emrik Strandh

Where are you From ? Lund, Sweden

How old are you ? 17

Sponsors ? Royale Skateshop

Board, Trucks & Wheel size ? 8.5, 149 indys, 52 mm

What is your normal skate terrain ? Just about everything, but mostly ledge.

Why do you skateboarding the first place ? My cousin, who always had an influence on me, skates. So I just picked it up from him and it turned out to be great fun!

Tell us how a great day is looking for you, a whole day I wake up early so I can eat breakfast and read the papers without rushing. Then a long time at the toilet looking at the phone. What comes next is some strolling around in the house listening to Depeche Mode or something waiting for my friends to wake up. Perhaps build something for the garden with my dad. After lunch a mission in Helsingborg is on the schedule. After shredding all day it’s time for a quick dip in the ocean and some sauna. Afterwards I dine with my girlfriend and go to bed early so that I can repeat the same stuff tomorrow.

Do you think your parents wanted you to skate ? Yeah! My dad tried to teach me although he has never actually rode a skateboard. He tried to drop in and busted his ass and later that same day I broke my foot.

What is the future of skateboarding ? The same. Good times and gnarly tricks.

How are you doing at the moment ? Are you fit for fight ? I am at my all time best!

Have you been on any mission(S) lately, you wanna tell about about ? Not really, but last year me and Karim Arfaoui shot a photo of me for Giftorm. It was a back lip on a ledge and I was super stoked!

Who do you skate with ? Whoever is down!

What is your plan this spring 2017 & summer ? To skate. That’s it!

What motivates you at the moment ? Music, my girlfriend and old street skating.

Any Thank you’s ? Big thanks to Daniel Granström, Karim Arfaoui and Filip Engkvist in Älmhult for being very patient when filming me 🙂

Random storys ? One time at Royale, a dude speaking no Swedish and very little English walked in. He was going to buy some pants but instead of trying them on he just clenched his fist and measured them with his arm! “You don’t want to try them?” we asked. “No it’s good”. He then picked up a lot of other stuff totaling at over 3000 sek. When he was going to pay he whipped out a fat stack of twenties and we started counting. Must have been at least 150 bills!

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