Lodge Guest, aka The Burger KING

Frontside Shove-It over the Jarmers block

Frontside Shove-It over the Jarmers block – this lodger has got pop! / Photo: Morten Westh


Boarder on many levels

Boarder on many levels

Name: Magnus Kreiberg

Current: job / school: Copenhagen University

Where are you from? Jaegerspris, Denmark

Where do you currently live? Noerrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark

Kids / family status: Bachelor

Age: 25

Sponsors: Nike SB

Board size: 8.632

Wheel size: 54mm

Trucks: 1.59.

I change set up every: Breaking boards on the regular

When I chill, I chill with.

All my dawgs

I have been on a mission lately in ( with)

last tour was  “yeah doggie” tour to Barcelona with Ville and Tao in the Easter. Other then that I’ve just been keeping busy in CPH.

Lately I have been working on, My exams, now I would like to get back on my board

When I was little I would like to…Skate every day

When I’m home I like to.Dance in the living room

Normally call my homies for, Never ending good times

Your homies are, Stege, Skroeder, Westh, Pelle, Hjalte just to name a few of the shredders boys. My dawgs know who they are!

I enjoy to go to, New places


Magnus and Tobias Just

Favorite drink is

Red wine(love the segment on shredders!!!!)

Favorite food is

I crave Pasta of all sorts

When I cook , I cook

For my friends

I listen to

Morten Westh‘s playlist: “Hits fra dengang far var knægt”, if it isn’t already, he should make it public!!!

To go to resturant is

Pretty stuck at Chin Chin, take away at Sankt Hans Torv at the moment

Favorite skateboarders

Peter Stege, Jonas Skrøder, Ville Vester, Morten Westh, Tobias Lynge, Alexandrino Da Silva, Hjalte Halberg, Josh, Pontus, B.A., A.O., A.S., J.J., Oski, Spengeren just to name a few.

Favorite skatepark, Not really stoked at the moment

Favorite spot, Jarmers and The red plaza

TOP 3 cities , Copenhagen, London, Barcelona

When I do not skateboard I, Dance in the living room

My fitness program is, The Rehab

When I get old I want to, Keep enjoying life like I’ve done so far.

I would like to see more of

The Bams

Magnus and "The Bams"

Magnus and “The Bams”


That one time where I was in jail because of Stayed out of jail so far

I should do more of, Skating less talking

My future looks like,  It will be funky!!!

I dream of , Travelling the whole world

The book I currently read is, Khaled Hosseini – And the Mountains Echoed

Why are you studying to become a doctor, Because the human body is amazing.

Are you then getting some studying done That is arguable – it has been hard lately with sun shining every day… But I’m doing my best

Ever played doctor after midnight, That would be unprofessional 😉

I currently follow (social media) @Shredderslodge and @youwereripping

 Anything else & Thanks  Kring keep up the Farkery!!!

 Thanks BURGEREN for supporting the lodge  !!


Photo: Arto Saari

Photo: Arto Saari



Classic move with Pelle on the shoulders

Classic move with Pelle on the shoulders


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