Lodge Legend Giorgio Zattoni


Name: Giorgio Zattoni

Current Job: Boat mechanic

Where are you from? Italy

Where do you currently live? Little town Savarna

Family status: Married no kids

Age: 40

Sponsors: Powell Peralta , Theeve , Vans , Jimmyz

Years of skateboarding: since 1988 so it’s 28

Board size: Right now 8.75 – Powell Peralta reissue Ray “Bones” Rodriguez

Wheel size: Depends on the mood , from 54 to 60mm

Trucks: Theeve TiAx 5.85

I change set up every: When it’s shredded to the limit

When I chill, I chill with,  myself , I like it.  Also with my wife it’s cool chillin’ with


Fronside corner air,  Photo: Galas Gabriele.

Im have been on a mission lately in ( with) not lately,  but a few years ago back to California for skateboarding , with my wife, I loved it.

Dream session is,  Luckily I had a lot of dream sessions that came true. The first one was in 1989-90 when Santa Cruz tour with Bod Boyle , Tom Knox , Soren Aaby , I think Kendall was there too…stopped at my local ramp and skated it, then we went skating a miniram indoor inside a skateshop near by.

Also the session at the Powell Tour in 1990-91 with Tony, Bucky, Nicky Guerrero and Toiminen. A memorabile one is in 1997 skating Plan B ramp in an evening session with Chris Borst ,Danny Way, Ben and Tas Pappas….Lee Ralph on the platform checking out the skating…then I had so many more , at the YMCA with a lot of pros …like Tony,  Bucky,  Zitzer,  Howard,  Hewitt, Ringstrom, Burnquist … , everyone was showing up at the Y in Encinitas in that period.

Another one was at my ramp with Caballero, at my skatepark with Mike Vallely , I’m talking about late 90’s ….then I had another few dream session came true a few years ago.

One was skating a demo with Cab , Hosoi , Hewitt , Hassan , Perelson , Lizze during a Metallica concert in Detroit ….they were playing in front of us while we were skating and some other session that where a dream for me that came true were in Combi pool a week before the pool party , everyone was there skating ,so rad .

Lately i have been working on,  a Volvo Penta 6 cilinders doing ordinary mainteinance …..talking about skating , I haven’t been working,  I skate for fun and I’m putting toghether a new video part all dedicated at Elbo Skateopark

When I was little I would like to… watch Thrashin , Streets on Fire, Wheels on Fire and Public Domain .

When im home I like to,  clear my mind , reset

I normaly call my homies for,  I have not many good buddies but the one I call is because something on an boat engine’s not working . He’s better than me and he always come up with troubleshooting….then we get a beer and talk shit

Your homies are, that one I call for troubleshooting….weird , Zanetti…ask P-Stone, he knows.

I enjoy to go to, the beach ….also bike not more then 30 min.

Favorite drink is,  Hoegaarden , Franziskaner

Favorite food is , Mexican , Japanese , Macrobiotico

Favorite drug , Luckly I don’t do drugs…I was a fan of ephedrine, oh well yes it’s a drug , used it a lot from 2002 to 2005 , freaked out on that , quit for my health. It was a bad idea.

When I cook , I cook,  anything ‘s in the fridge

I listen to, I love electronic music , House , Tecno , 80’s Eurodance, commercial it’s ok…. I like any good song , lots of Italian artists …some metal bands but I don ‘t listen to that much anymore. The new Rap = no thanks

To go to resturant is, expensive, I never go, can’t afford it.

Favorit skateboarders, to many to type them down …from the 80’s generation to nowdays …too many good ones , I’m a big fan of anyone that shreds hard

Favorite skatepark, Italy talking the only few proper ones : Elbo , my Ramp , Adriatic Pool , Big Air Lab pool . California talking : Combi Pool , pretty much all of them , all the new parks that were built in the past 5 years. Can’t complain about California .

Favorit spot, The ones I mentioned before

TOP 3 citys, Encinitas , Santa Monica , Santa Barbara

When I do not skateboard I,   sometimes I have to work ….then I clear my mind and do what I feel like

My fitness program is, I had a lot to do with the fitness and wellness business from 2000 to 2010 …owned a business…chapter closed…I don’t have a fitness program and I don’t care about it at all.

When I get old I want to, do whatever I feel like doing

I would like to see more of, skateboarding culture in Italy

That one time where I was in jail because of, never been in jail ….always tried to stay out of trouble

I should do more of, nothing,  My quote is I should do less , that’s it.

My future looks like, I don’t know…I try to keep up with what I like

I dream of,  being better at skating , I dream of doing things with no efforts that I can’t do even if I’d live four lives.

The book I currently read is, In Praise of Idleness by Bertrand Russel

If I could change the world I would, too complicated to answer , sorry

I would love to be in a movie with,  ahahah Stoya

I currently follow ( sociale media) Instagram’s cool , gzattoni ,it’s me , don’t like Facebook

Anything else, nope

Thanks to, Everyone that supported me throught the years and still supports me.


Thanks to Giorgio Zattoni for supporting the lodge  !  

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