Lodge Guest, Rasmus Bønnelykke

Rasmus, photo: unknown

Rasmus, photo: Morten Eriksen 

Name: Rasmus Bønnelykke

Current: Job / school: Sidewalk Skateshop

Where are you from: Svendborg 5700

Please name a cool place from where you are from? Jettes Diner and Chess Bar,   when you are party ready in Svendborg

Where do you currently live? Vesterbro, CPH

Family status: I got it all

Age: 31

Sponsors: Sidewalk

Years of skateboarding: 17

Board size: 8.375

Wheel size: 51 mm

Trucks: 149 mm

I change set up every: -time i get a tiny crack – i’m a piggy little….

Current Board trend: Girl and Chocolate needs to be trendy again – true shit!

Please state your type of terrain on your board in hours, days and years or other

Street: 92 %

Skatepark: 8%

Miniramp: Where can i find one below 3 ft??

Long board: naaaaah

Vert: I dropped the vert in the skatepark after a sixpack – didn’t really like it

Bowl: naah

Freestyle: naah


Nørreport, fakie Five O, photo: unknown, credit coming

Nørreport, fakie Five O, Photo: Morten Eriksen 

Please tell us about your daily DAY by the hours, (or tell us about your longest day the last week’s) we want to know how your day is looking like


06.00 hopefully sleep

07.00 Theo pulls my hair and laugh

08.00 we eat

09.00 play around

10.00 go for a walk

11.00-18.00 At the local skateshop, Sidewalk!

19.00 Dinners served

20.00 Theo goes to bed

21.00 Me and my ladyfriend chill on the coach

22.00 Laptop stuff

23.00 Watch “Parks and Recreations”

24.00 go to sleep

01.00 zzzzzz

How are you doing at the moment?

waiting for the summer…

How is your body at the moment, (injuries, knees, back, and so)?

Lazy and heavy

When did you start to skate and why? What tricked you into this?

I told my old buddy Kenneth i wanted to start skating and he hooked me up with wheels and a City Stars Kareem Campbell and a week later I was in CPH and bought a set of Fury trucks in Submachine

Do you think you made the right choice (instead of playing football FX?)?

I’m terrible at soccer

Anything that influences you at the moment?

I guess I should influence my boy but it seems he has a influence on me

Do you feel skateboarding is in a good way?

Yeah man – the bigger the better! People used to complain when we were skating street but as skateboarding is progressing it seems that skateboarding is also becomming more legit. And i’m not a punk-ass teenager no more

Where do you stand & please comment with skateboarding in the Olympics?

haha… I seriously do not give a FUCK. I guess in the end we’ll have more customers in the shop – thats good

When I chill, I chill with,

Henrik from Streetmachine. Best friend from back home – dont see him to often nowadays but he’s the best!

I’m have been on a mission lately in (with)

Lithauens Plads – best new CPH spot with Morerik, Filip and Oliv

Lately I have been working on,

I’ve finally re-designed my old website to something new and fancy

When I was little I would like to,

Skate my life away

When I’m home I like to,

Hangout with the fam. I might sound like a dating profile but I like good food and long walks

Your homies are,

Morerik, Hechmann, Gustav, Oliv, Filip, Jonathan – all the boys!! oh and Mads & Niels – those 2 guys are the best!

I enjoy going to,

Berlin! That city is good for girlfriend-trip, homie-trips, skateboard-trips… Last time I was in Berlin was with Nick at Bitchslap Mag to film a interview with Ishod. He had a busy schedule so we only had 20 minutes to do it but halfway in it he suggested we could go to a thrift shop so the interview ended up being a super random walk and talk about everything – Ishod is so much fun. Go youtube it!


Beer: Ale no 16 – no doubt

Wine: Prefer Italian

Liquor: Whiskey or G&T


Skateboarders: Paul Shier, Rick McCrank, John Rattray, Anthony Pappalardo, Rob Welsh

Skate film / clip: Aesthetics – Ryde or die vol. 1, Habitat – Mosaic, Static II

You fave Tricks: Tim O’Connor – bs 5-0 fs shove-it out at Macba is the best thing i’ve ever seen


Art: The only piece of art we have on the wall is a board series by Girl called “girls girls girls”

Film: Rubber!! Google the trailer! – that film is stupid-amazing-weird-funny and really good

Music: Everything from MF Doom to King Diamond. At the moment i’m really stoked on the new Jonwayne – Rap album two. Also listen a lot to Vaporwave things like Teams, Jacob 2-2, Games, 18 Carat Affair and Hype Williams

Book: Codex Seraphinianus – my mom gave me this for Christmas – it’s so sick!

City’s: Berlin again. A lot of culture there. Copenhagen is pretty good too

Best life advice I can give is,

“When you get what you want – will it be what you need” Ishod Wair said that’s what his father used to say and that really fits the world we live in. Everybody wants more and more but they forget to fucking appreciate what they got

Are you good with money (do you plan, safe it, cash in or blow it)?

Getting better and better…

Best travel memory you want to share?

Last year we were at Peter Hewitt’s birthday party latenight at the legendary Nude Bowl. The ride to get there was insane and when we finally got there it was the wildest experience. Shot a photo os Hewitt fs grinding in a poncho and we saw some good skating with Chris Cope, Al Partanen, Stu Graham and more.

Oh and a few years ago me and 2 friends from Scotland cycled from Copenhagen to Berlin with tents, bags and skateboards. That’s actually the best thing i’ve ever did – so many good memories

My fitness program is,

yet to come

Anything that concerns you at the moment?

The world is insane and amazing at the same time

I would like to see more of,

Callum and Ange – best people outta Aberdeen

If I could change the world I would,

Tell people too come down and enjoy life

I will never get rid of,

My dads old Canon AE-1 camera – hopefully my own son will inherit it some day

I currently follow (social media, instagram twitter, Facebook)

@shredderslodge man – the greatest! oh and @pallethepuppy – my man!

Anything else,

Calm the fuck down!! You only live once – enjoy it.

Thanks to,

My girl for taking care of me. My son and my 2 cats – you guys are the best!!

Oh and Thomas at Sidewalk Skateshop for the best job I could ever ask for


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