Lodge Guest, Muki Rüstig

Name: Muki Rüstig

Current: job / school: Building Exhibiton Shows, Stands for tradeshows and whatever

Where are you from? Austria

Where do you currently live? Vienna

Kids / family status: Having the best girlfriend

Age: 38

Sponsors: Yama Skateboards, Carhartt WIP

Board size:8,5

Wheel size: 53

Trucks: ThunderPortrait muki


When I chill, I chill with.

Friends and GirlfriendJ 

Im have been on a mission lately in

Life and Skateboarding

Lately i have been working on

My Life

When I was little I would like to…


When im home I like to.

Hang out and chill

I normaly call my homies for.

Shredding and drink beers 

Your homies are

Spoff crew, Yama Gang, Fridos Pomade Gang

I enjoy to go to

Travel and check out punk and metal Concerts

Faviorite drink is

Water, coffee and a cold lager beer

To go to resturant is

Good because you don´t have to wash dishes

Favorit skateboarders

Cardiel, Wade Speyer, Spettet and Pfanner

Favorite skatepark

The streets of Vienna

Favorit spot

Same Answer as Skateparks

When I do not skateboard I.

Hang out with my friends, girlfriend for sure work and sleep

When I get old I want to

Get Young

I would like to see more of

A peaceful world

My future looks like

Fuck yeah

I dream of

Fullfilling my dream 

Anything else & thanks 

All my friends, my family, erveryone who helped me out and Hanna

Portrait bahnhof


 Thanks for the supporting the lodge  muki !     

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