Lodge Guest, Herbert Miron

Frontside ollie,photo Sigurd Jeppsson

Name: Herbert Miron

Current: Job / school: Nosara Skateboarding

Where are you from? Guatemala

Please name a cool place from where you are from? Quetzaltenago

Where do you currently live? Nosara, Costa Rica

Please name a cool spot from where you are from? Ostional

What nationaly do you feel the most? Chapin (Guatemalan people are call that)

Family status: Three niños, one jefe!

Age: 37

Sponsors: Mi mama

Years of skateboarding: 27

Board size: 8,5+

Wheel size: 54 – 56

Trucks: Love indies but got use to Royals – Robert Osis’s fault!

I change set up every: the 27 year statistics to that is out of my academic level!

Current Board trend: Hjalte’s series


Fs 180 in Portugal, photo:  @southjerseysup

Please state your type of terrain on your board in hours, days and years or other

Street: I wish!

(Skatepark) Flow Street: Si muchas gracias!!

Miniramp: Si papi!!

Long board: Nada

Vert: Muy poquito

Bowl: Too much

Freestyle: Nada

Please tell us about your daily DAY by the hours, (or tell us about your longest day the last week’s) we want to know how your day is looking like

05:30 Dawn Patrol to local surf break

06.00 Surf

07.00 Surf

08.00 Take kids to school

09.00 Cafecito and open my Shack at Eskina Skate Parq

10.00 Spanish lessons through skateboarding with home schooling kids

11.00 Spanish lessons through skateboarding with home schooling kids

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Skate

14.00 Skate

15.00 Skate session/lesson with the kids from Nosara and my own

16.00 Skate session/lesson with the kids from Nosara and my own

17.00 Skate session/lesson with the kids from Nosara and my own

18.00 Surf or watch the sunset with my family

19.00 Eat dinner with my family

20.00 Put niños into bed

21.00 Hang out with my mujer

22.00 Too old for that!

23.00 Too old for that!

24.00 Waaaay too old for that!

01.00 Waaaay too old for that!


wow… photo: @southjerseysup

How are you doing at the moment?

Very good, thanks!

How is your body at the moment, (injuries, knees, back, and so)?

Very good, no injuries, no pain, eating well, moving a lot, getting sun, enjoying life!

When did you start to skate and why? What tricked you into this?

The need of a space where I wasn’t told to do something a specific way, where I could find my unique expression through doing something freely and in a community that didn’t give a f*ck about anything else than enjoying today on the board!

Do you think you made the right choice (instead of playing football FX?)?

The choice kind of was made for me. I sucked at playing team sports, I did play water polo for a while but my team mates weren’t that happy with my collaboration in the game J

Any person’s that influences you at the moment?

Tony Hawk was here a couple of days ago skateboarding with us in the Nosara Skateboarding team. Pretty chill throwing an invert in the high end of the pool at 48 years old!!

What gets you motivated ?

The howler monkeys waking me up every day right outside my window.

Please comment your feelings, memories (if you are that old) & know how about Skateboarding in the




2010+ RAD!



Do you feel skateboarding is in a good way?


Where do you stand & please comment with skateboarding in the Olympics?

True skateboarding will always stay in the hands of the kids and the groms for life!

Where do you stand in terms of politics?

I care about the people, the environment and I desire everyone is able to connect with the true inner self no matter what their situation is. I see people living in places with great politicians suffer, I see people living in places full of corruption be happy, I see how the people and environment we choose to be surrounded of have incredible influences in our well being. I see that when we choose to connect, we can, and when we do, things fall into place for our well being regardless of who is our president or what their politics are.

I see people living in Politics Paradise be stressed – why?? Maybe is time to reconnect to our wilderness?- Maybe that’s the way it always should have been! I see monkeys hang on the trees almost all day long and I wonder – they haven’t chosen to delimitate trees and area and have a commodity that gives them the right to call that “their own tree” When on earth did mother nature gave us the right to call it our own peace of mother eatrh???? And then there is the worst side of it all – when we have worked our asses off and have been able to “buy a peace of nature”, food and basic clothes, then we choose to work our asses even more – much more in order to buy alcohol, fancy clothes, cars, super expensive houses etc.

When are you going to stop and just hang from a tree??? …Or use half a day to land a smith grind!!! Or spend the entire day with you kids J

When I chill, I chill with,

Ziggi, Elia, Mila and Catrine. The kids from Nosara Skateboarding, the crew from Eskina Skate Parq. My monos Sigurd, Keld and Tobias and all the amazing people in Kbh!

I’m have been on a mission lately in (with)

Finding all the great surf spots I am surrounded of, meeting amazing people, skateboarding La Eskina Skate Parq and El Mutante!

Dream session would be,

At Eskina Skateparq with Keld and Sigurd after a great surf.

Lately I have been working on,

Building up Nosara Skateboarding and TribeWire

When I was little I would like to,

Be less afraid for what people think. Be less afraid to say I don’t like school. Be less afraid to say I like you. Be less afraid to say I want you. Have absolutely no bad conscience and only be stoked for going skateboarding instead of doing my homework.

When I’m home I like to,

Play with Ziggi, Elia and Mila.

What kind of music to you listen to ?

Charanga, Techno Tronic, Tex Mex, Tigres Del Norte

I normally call my homies for,

Monos – Lions

Your homies are,

Sigurd, Keld, Jose, Tobias, Kristoffer, Peter Ahn

I enjoy going to,

Be out and explore



Beer: Carlsberg, Imperial, Gallo

Wine: Indifferent

Liquor: Don’t drink


Breakfast: Yogurt with moringa and musli

Lunch: Eggs with avocado

Dinner: Pollo

Late-night snack: Chocolate

Resturant: NoNoma


Skateboarders: Ziggi and Ulyses. Tony Hawk lately.

Skatepark: Eskina Skate Parq, El Mutante. Parken and Wonderland in Dk.

Skate spot: Levis spot

Skate film / clip: Welcome to Hell

You fave Tricks: back lip, kick flip, tail slide, gaps.


Art: Zacc Politt

Film: Point Break 🙂

Music: Phoenix

Book: Little Prince – Den utrolig historie om den kæmpestore pær

City’s: Copenhagen no doubt!


Writers: Jakob Martin

Actors: Chuck Norris

Skaters: Hjalte

Homeboys: Sigurd

Random’s: JLo


Tablet: Don’t own one

TV: Don’t watch

Camera: Cannon 80D

Phone: Iphone

APP: Don’t care

Car: Toyota Land Cruiser

Bike: Pilen

When was the last time you really won big time?

Honestly just now – I just scored a 5 hours perfect surf session!!

When was the time you really lost big time?

When I took Sigurd to Guatemala and he showed all the German tourists the spots around!

When I travel, I always bring,

Music in my ears

Best travel advice I can give is,

Don’t plan, have no expectations, go with the flow.

Best life advice I can give is,

Don’t plan, be spontaneous, dream big, take small steps and keep it simple.

Are you good with money (do you plan, safe it, cash in or blow it)?

Hahahaa… NOP !

Best travel memory you want to share?

Costa Rica 2001 we rented a car with some new friends from US and Canada and traveled across Guanacaste. We drove at night, the road ends suddenly at the beach, no where to go but down the beach, took the chance and got stuck in the sand. Cloud free sky full of stars in the middle of nowhere, darkness and emptiness and an amazing crew – It was the best thing that could ever happened!

When I do not skateboard I,

Surf or sometimes do yoga.

My fitness program is,

Surf, skate, surf – surf, skate, surf – surf, yoga, surf – surf, skate, surf – surf, skate, surf

Do you care about your health?


Anything that concerns you at the moment?

Elia hit his chin on the skate and got 4 stitches. Hes fine though! Thanks god.

When I get old I want to,

Have the same stoke for skateboarding and surfing as now.

I would NEVER,

Buy a BMW

I would like to see more of,

Hjalte in parken!

That one time where I was in jail because of,

Stilling chocolates with my homies in the supermarket.

I should do more of,

Street skateboarding!!! It is so much fun – every time I go out of a park I feel like going back home skatewise.

My future looks like,

An integrated life in tune with the ocean, my family, my friends and my body. Shredding parken in the deep end of the sneakground.

I dream of some day that I would,

Surf solid waves comfortably in spots that get hollow and fast.

On Netflix / YouTube / Internet I watch,

At the moment I literally don’t have the time to watch anything.

If I could change the world I would,

Reconnect people to their wilderness and expose them out to the elements.

Everybody should own a,

Spear gone

The hobby I have, no one knows about is,

Climbing up to high trees but hopefully soon paragliding too!!

I will never get rid of,

My surfboard and skateboard

I would love to be in a movie with,

Agent Johnny Utah

Any regrets in life so far?


Who should we follow on social media at the moment ?

Vansincph on instagram

Anything else,

Spread the stoke

Random story’s you want to share?

I’ve got a shark story. I was surfing in Ostional by myself. I went paddle for a wave and didn’t take it. I hear something swimming very fast towards me. I turn around and there is a fin swimming right towards me with full speed. It goes around me and stops facing me with a distance of about two meters. It stands sill and I stand still in front of it with my board under the water in front of me. At that moment I go into fight mode and just wait cause there is a wave about to break. I am just hoping that wave breaks before the shark makes a move on me – the wave luckily breaks and I take it in to the beach!

Thanks to

The whole community in Nosara for welcoming me and my family in town. Brian Turtzo for an amazing part. Catrine, my family, my monos and friends and of course all shredders from Copenhagen!!!!


Photo: mi hermano del agua Brian Turtzo @goeswiththetide

Photo: mi hermano del agua Brian Turtzo @goeswiththetide

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