Lodge Guest, Casper Hechman

Casper Henchman, Photo: Morten Eriksen

Casper Hechmann, Photo: Morten Eriksen

Name: Casper Hechmann

Current: Job / school: I work at a recreation center on Vesterbro

Where are you from? 4200 Slagelse, Denmark

Please name ( if posissible ) please name a cool place from where you are from? Laden, Teatercafeen and Fætter guf

Family status: Single

Age: 26

Sponsors: Royal trucks and I get samples shoes from Lakai

Years of skateboarding: 13 years

Board size: 8.0

Wheel size: 52mm

Trucks: Royal 149

I change set up every: 2 months or party grip

Current Board trend: No


Ollie over trash, photo: Rasmus Bønnelykke

Ollie over trash, photo: Rasmus Bønnelykke


Please state your type of terrain on your board in hours, days and years or other

Street: 60%

(Skatepark) Flow Street: 20%

Miniramp: 12%

Longboard: haha

Freestyle: 0,1%

Vert: 0,9 at the bottom

Bowl: 7%

Please tell us about your daily DAY by the hours, (or tell us about your longest day the last week’s) we want to know how your day is looking like

06.00 sleep

09.00 I get up and eat breakfast

10.00 look around the internet, listen to danish top 20 hits

11.00 work

17.00 I take my bike home and shop spaghetti bolognese + snacks in the Danish supermarked Netto

18.00 home and start “bæltestedet” (podcast) up and chill

19.00 I am cooking

20.00 eating

21.00 turn on my ps4 and play GTA with FB, Grilly, Brithon, Martin and my lil bro

22.00 GTA

22:30 snack time

23.00 GTA

24.00 DR TV

01.00 sleep

HITS CLIP,  iPhone footy filmed and edit by:  Oliver, Filip, Casper and Morten


How are you doing at the moment?

The last 3 months I spent working ass hell. I’ve got a parallel work in “Fodboldbabrikken” on Amager. I’m saving up for a trip to Barcelona in April

How is your body at the moment, (injuries, knees, back, and so)?

At the moment I am struggling with a pulled muscle in my left thigh. So the menu right now is the spaghetti bolognese, PS4 and a lot of youtube videos

When did you start to skate and why? What tricked you into this?

We had a skate shop in Slagelse called “Airborne street wear”and after school we went often into the shop and tried big pants and watching skate slams on VHS. And one day I bought a 7.5 PJ Ladd board in the store and was hooked.We went out to Laden (Slagelse skatepark) and there we were welcomed by the locals. I learned other skater boys to know out there, it was great

What gets you motivated ?

A good skatevideo, 80s hits from an iphone dock, all the boys and an ice cold faxe kondi from the kiosk

Do you feel skateboarding is in a good way? Yes, the younger generation shredding hard. Bisse, Ville, Hugo and Brithon is ripping.

Where do you stand in terms of politics? Suck a bucket

I’m have been on a mission lately in (with)

I have filmed some HD footy with Lasse, Oliver, Morten and Jacob Stjernen in the street

Dream session would be, A whole week without rain,

When I was little I would like to Be in the prisoners at the fort on TV3

When I’m home I like to, Listen to music, eat snacks

What kind of music to you listen to ? It can be very different,

I normally call my homies for, Their first names

Your homies are, Morten E, Oliver J, Mikkel H, Johan B, Johan L, Lasse S , Filip F, Simon S, Ramo B, Jonathan I,

Gustav N, Jacob S, Redz, CJ , FB, Slagelse, Nørrebornx, 8000 and 7400 boys

I enjoy going to, Flammen


Simon Svenden & Casper. Photo: Morten Eriksen

Simon Svenden & Casper. Photo: Morten Eriksen


Beer: Budweiser

Wine: House wine

Liquor: Gin and tonic


Breakfast: Egg and bacon

Lunch: Bred with Danish style “stryhn’s leverpostej”

Dinner: Steak and bearnaise sauce

Late-night snack: Bilar salt liquorice

Resturant: Flammen


Skatepark: Nørrebroparken

Skate spot: Israels plads, litauens plads

Skate clip: Marty Murawski part in The Filmbot Files

You fave Tricks: BS tail


Film: Jurassic Park 1993, Kill Bill 2003, A Clockwork Orange 1971, Donnie Darko 2001, Rambo 2 1985

Music: Fleetwood Mac, One Two, Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt, Talking Heads, New Order

City’s: Slagelse, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Søby, Herning


Writers: Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Tarantino

Actors: Samuel l. Jackson, Sylvester Stallone

Skaters: Marty Murawski, Brad Cromer,


Tablet: an old MacBook Pro


Camera: Sony PD150P and Nikon d5100

Phone: iPhone 5s

APP: Snapchat


The Bruce Edition, filmed and edit by:  Morten Eriksen – 2013



When was the last time you really won big time? When I made a bs 50-50 on a round Flatbar on Jægers

When was the time you really lost big time? Ronni Kjærside did it right in front of me and laugh at me;)

When I travel, I always bring, My skateboard, iPhone dock and my favorite contact (Birthe sydbank)

Best travel advice I can give is, Use some money

Are you good with money (do you plan, safe it, cash in or blow it)?

No, but I can find out using them

Best travel memory you want to share?

An Australia trip with Twins and Freddie for 3 months and last year a week in Budapest with Mikkel, Oliver, Morten, Filip and Jonathan

Do you care about your health? Yes i try

When I get old I want to, Only talk about the weather

I would NEVER, Do a BS 5-0 on a flatbar

I would like to see more of, Danish skateboarding

I should do more of, Go outside

I dream of some day that I would, Buy a cottage and a speedboat and not pay taxes

On Netflix / YouTube / Internet I watch,

in china they eat dogs, music videos, skate clips and people who not can do anything

Everybody should own a, An AUX jack

I will never get rid of, Fox and Hounds

I would love to be in a movie with,

Celin Dion and she had to sing Think Twice to me many times in the film

Who should we follow on social media at the moment ?

@skatersvin @buttshotmag @shredderslode @osis_foto @wdbm @80shitlist @streethandle @emporium_dist @pusherskatemag @fsrbeton @raysskateshop

Random story’s you want to share? I talk a lot at night

Thanks to, Kring for having me on Shredders. It’s cool, deliberate the good work chef



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