Lodge Guest, Michael Jacobi

Michael Jacobi

Michael Jacobi

Name: Michael Jacobi

Current: Job / school: Art Director / Graphics / No Score Dist. / Pusher Skate Mag.

Where are you from? Aalborg, Denmark

Where do you currently live? Aalborg

What nationaly do you feel the most? DK

Family status: Married with kids.

Age: 36

Sponsors: None – But 100% supports The Boss Shop.

Years of skateboarding: 26 (with breaks)

Board size: 8.00

Wheel size: 53mm

Trucks:  139 Indy hollow

I change set up every: 6-8 times a year.

Current Board trend: Mot_r boards fo sho



Please state your type of terrain on your board in hours, days and years or other 

Street: 90%

(Skatepark) Flow Street: 9%

Miniramp: 1%

Please tell us about your daily DAY by the hours,  (or tell us about your longest day the last week’s)  We want to know how your day is looking like

06.00 Wake up

07.00 Breakfast with wifey and kids

08.00 Taking Kids to daycare

09.00 Working on Hacksaw Ridge poster for theatrical release

12.00 Lunch !!

16.00 Driving home

17.00 Play with LEGO with Theodor and Hannibal.

18.00 Dinner with the family

19.00 Putting the kidos to sleep

20.00 Meeting up with Thomas – packing Doom Sayers orders.

23.00 Zzzzz

05.00 Repeat

How are you doing at the moment? 

Working on the second issue of PUSHER SKATE MAG. Just finished the video part for you guys!



How is your body at the moment , (injuries, knees, back, and so so ) ?  

I feel old – but the body works fine.

When did you start to skate and why ?  what tricked you into this ? 

1990 – I think Thomas My tricked me. He was (and still is) one of the cool kids

Please comment your feelings about Skateboarding in  the 

80s  Crazy colors

90s Baggy

2000 Tight

2010+ Baggy stonewash

Do you feel skateboarding is in a good way ?

Yeah, I think skateboarding is great atm. The tricks is getting more creative. I was getting I bit tired of watching nollie crooks and lippies down handrails.

Where do you stand & please comment with skateboarding in the olympics  ?  I don’t care….

When I chill, I chill with, My Wife and kids, Steffen Hede, Thomas, Mikkel, Pete.

I’m have been on a mission lately in (with) Been on some missions with Mikkel for the old man videopart.

Dream session would be, Lunden with all the Aalborg locals.

When im home I like to,

Chill and play with the kids. Watching HBO/Netflix. Work on some graphics. Mot_r graphics or something.

I normally call my homies for, Business calls !!

Your homies are, Jonas, Thomas, Michael, Pete, Steffen, Mikkel, Dummi, Frelle, Jacob.

I enjoy going to, Lunden! So chill ..


Wallie , Photo: Mikkel Jørgensen

Wallie , Photo: Mikkel Jørgensen

Favorite drink is, I C E T E A !!! Lemon…

Favorite food is, Pizza !! Fo Sho..

Favorite drugs, Coca Cola..

Favorite music, Wu Tang.

Favorite film, Star Wars.

Favorite skateboarders, Puleo, Ave, Gino, Matt Reason, Ville, Dylan Rieder and Dane Brady

Favorite skate film, Penal Code 100A

Favorite skatepark, LUNDEN !!

Favorite spot, LUNDEN !!

Favorite woman / men  (blond, fat, thin, big, small) Steffen Hede !!

Photo: Michael Nielsen

Wallie, no comply  Photo: Michael Nielsen

When I cook, I cook, Number 27.

To go to resturant is, Sushi Sushi Or Azzura.

TOP 3 Cities, Aalborg, London, Leipzig

When I travel, I always bring, iPhone, Money, Passport !! And camera bag.

Best life advise I can give is, LIFE !!

Are you good with money  ( do you plan, safe it,  cash in or blow it )? Yes! Or I mean, my wife is 

Best travel memory you want to share?

Thomas, Michael, Søren and I was in Barcelona. We got kicked from a spot, and the Police took our tapes.  It was the last day, so all footy was lost. Thomas cried, and some locals came, asked why this big boy was crying. We told him why, and he walked to the police station and got our tapes. Pretty awesome!

When I do not skateboard I, Netflix, HBO, working on PUSHER or Mot_r

My fitness program is, Not existing.

When I get old I want to, Live in spain.

I would like to see more of, Ville Wester video parts !?!?

I should do more of, 50-50 grinds.

I dream of some day that I would, Do tres like Emil Hvilsom.

The best travel I have been on, Athen with Thomas and Steffen.

If I could change the world I would, Raberbansgade oneway street.

Everybody should own a, A Mot_r skateboard.

The hobby I have, no one knows about is, Collecting old toys, taking them apart, and collecting them again in a new way.

I will never get rid of, True friends.

I would love to be in a movie with, Helena Christensen

Any regrets in life so far ? Skateboard breaks……

I currently follow (social media, instagram twitter, Facebook)





Anything else,

Peace !! Thanks Kring.



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