From the Basement Lodge PRO, Jimmy Wilkins



Dope BS lip slide, photo: the hoff

Dope BS lip slide, photo: the hoff


Interview below is done mid 2016, we ran it again because Jimmy Just won Xgames 2019 in Vert !!! Concratz buddy !!

Current job 


Where are you from?

Columbus Ohio

Where do you currently live,

Encinitas, California

Kids / family status / brothers sisters:

sister, step sister, step brother



Creature, Skeleton key mfg, bones, lakai (flow), thunder trucks, rockstar energy, pro-tec, eswic

Years of skateboarding:

10 maybe?

Board size:


Wheel size:




I change set up every:

change board every couple weeks, trucks maybe once a year wheels and bearings maybe every 3-4 months

Do you wanna tell us your lastest trend of your board set up.

Lately I always run a vertical stripe on my grip and one creature green bolt. Trucks are probably pretty tight for most people but I skate a lot of vert ramps. Also been skating the new softer bones skatepark formula, its dope. I really like old wheels and loud bearings too.

How is a normaly day for Jimmy looking?

Breakfast, cruise a skatepark.. Me and PLG just got bowl built in his backyard so I’m usually there… eat lunch, go skate some vert.. go home shower, eat dinner, hang out with the boys or something.. pretty stoked how much I get to skate right now. 

How offen do you travel ?

Been a lot lately, seems like I’m going somewhere every month.

What is it with skateboarding that keeps you going ? 

I love skateboarding. Even having bad day skating is still better than a good day without skating.

You seemed to “like” vert skateboarding, how do you feel about vert, street bowl, what do you see your self ?

I love it, watching vert skating is the reason I started skating and its all I’ve ever wanted to do. I didn’t have a ramp where I lived so I used to skate the street course a lot at my local park and couple times a month I my parents would take me to a vert ramp. I usually had to skate by myself, which sucked, but as soon as I was done with school I moved to Cali. I love skating and I can have fun skating anything but nothing is as fun as a vert ramp to me. 

Do you get more girls when you skate vert ?

Mad babes.

Ever got into some spicy acion under the platform ?

Nah, but one time when I was skating this vert ramp in Kentucky there was a couple were getting spicy on the deck while I was skating. I was like 14 so I thought it was pretty rad

You have made some heavy moves on the vert, bringing the Ollie 540 into the game, like nothing and making it look too easy. What is your hardest tricks on the vert/ and / or / biggest personal “trick” accomlishments ? ( can be different tricks of cause)

Some of the tricks I’ve filmed for the upcoming creature video were pretty big battles for me. I did a nollie inward heel on flat once. It bounced on the floor before I made it but I was still stoked.

How offen do you skate ?

Every day until my body needs to chill but it’s hard to not skate.

Do you go on street missions once in awhile ?

Nah never really been proper street skating I don’t think. I went to a few natural tranny spots when we were in spain and I skate over a fire hydrant with brad McClain once.  

Is professional skateboarding dope & as you kinda expected ?

Fuck its pretty unreal. The Contests are as stressful as you make them but that’s only a couple days out of the year the rest is just skating everyday. It’s the fucking best

Were you stoked when you tuned pro ?

I don’t have a board or anything so I guess that was when I did my first pro comp? I kinda gave up on turning pro, I never really did that well at the Am comps and I was way older then everyone so I didn’t really think it was going to happen. Then, out of the blue I got invited to do a pro comp in Brazil and I ended up getting 5th or something and then I got invited to go do another and another and then started making enough to quit my job. Kina funny, just sort of happened




Do you do other “sports” than skateboarding ?


Do you have a secret passion for some veird shit you want to share ?

Nothing I can really think of.. I like music and art and shit but who doesn’t?


Casual frontside ollie. Foto: the hoff.

Casual frontside ollie, for Jimmy, dream for others.  photo:  the hoff.


Is there periode of your life when you are like “fark this, im over it, this  skateboarding shit” ?

Yeah my local park closed down and I didn’t have any friends that were into skating. Skating was super uncool where I lived too. I was a dumb kid going through puberty and wanted to be cool or some dumb shit hah I didn’t skate for like 3 years or something, then they reopened the park when I started high school and I started skating again. I remember the day I started again thinking “what the fuck have I been doing? Life sucks without skating.” I get pretty over the contests and stuff but I’m not ever gonna stop skating again, fuck that.

Are you into contests over videos parts ? or you like both ?

Contests can be fun and they can really suck too. Same with filming . There can be this stupid imaginary pressure to take it seriously and whenever I do that I don’t have fun. A good contest or filming mission where everyone is a having fun and shredding and not taking it too seriously, that’s super fucking fun.

If vert ramps should be on every streetcorner in the world , what would that take ?

 I don’t get how more people don’t skate vert, its so fun. I guess pads and shit get a bad rap. Its cool as fuck though, I think ? 

When I chill, I chill with,

Alex P. Stewy B. Griff Brando.. Danny Mayer and plg sometimes too

Im have been on a mission lately in ( with)

Trying to film.

Dream session is,

Vert Attack

Lately I have been working on,  

fast plants

When I was little I would like to


When im home I like to,


I normaly call my homies for,

The session

Your homies are,


I enjoy to go to,

The ramp  

Favorite drink is,


Favorite food is,


Favorite drug






When I cook , I cook,


I listen to, lately a lot of,

Fever ray

To go to resturant is,

Some place I went to in CPH couple years ago

Favorit skateboarders,

Sam beckett , miller, gonz, schaaf, Frazier. Jürgen, perelson, Phillips, bod, lance, rune, navs, grosso, Giorgio, Russell, brad cromer. There are a lot more…

Favorite skatepark, 

Brygerriett skatepark Malmø

TOP 3 cities,

CPH, Tokyo, San Diego

When I do not skateboard I,

Hang out with friends

My fitness program is,

Stretch sometimes

When I get old I want to,


I would like to see more of,

Where I haven’t been

That one time where I was in jail because of ,

a sleeping pill.. I didn’t go to jail though but kind of got “arrested”.. it was in Aus

I should do more of,


My future looks like,

No idea, definitely be still riding a skateboard

I dream of,


The book I currently read is,

Not reading anything right now

If I could change the world I would,

There’s a lot of bad shit out there that would be rad if it didn’t happen.

I would love to be in a movie with,

Mila jovovich.. shes farkin spicy!

I currently follow ( sociale media)

I have an instagram but I don’t go on it very often.

Anything else,

Thanks player!

Thanks Jimmy, you are killing it. Dopeshit, thanks for supporting the lodge !! 


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