10 spots I’m skating in 2017 with Sebastian Wang-Holm

10 spots I’m skating in 2017

Jarmers – The local spot, will be here most evenings during summer.

Litauens plads – A newly renovated basket and football course in Copenhagen, had a lot of fun skating it in 2016.

Republique and La place de Creteil – Will hopefully have time for a small Paris visit in the spring of 2017. Republique is a must when in Paris, it has great flat, good ledges, and loads of good cafes and restaurants surrounding it. I’ve never been to La Place De Creteil, but I’m sure it’s as fun as it looks in videos.

Milan Train Station – we’ve all seen this spots in numerous videos (fully flared, pretty sweet etc.). More recently, it was featured in a Converse clip (Oh yes – part 2 of the Relay), and it reminded me of how cool the spot looks. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit sometime this year.

Urbis Manchester – I spend a fair amount of time visiting my girlfriend in Manchester, but I never brought my skateboard. I’ve never actually seen this spot in real life, but it is the only spot I ever heard of in Manchester. From my point of view, and from what I’ve seen, Manchester seems like a fairly dry city spot-wise. When the temperature is more favorable of skating outdoors, I’ll bring my skateboard and see what the spot has to offer.

Deira Fountain Dubai – I spend New years eve in Dubai, and skated the OG ledge spot called Fountain, which is located in the older and crustier part of Dubai. Fountain is a round square surrounded by roads and small shops. The spot is quite hard to skate on weekends because it is heavily visited by locals, who come and sit on the benches we use as ledges. You could easily spend a whole day skating around Deira, there are loads of spots, and chances that you’ll be asked to leave is minimal.

Bank street Dubai – The name might give it away, because Bank Street is a street filled with banks and curb cuts(you might’ve seen it in Tredje akten by Tor Ström). The spot is located just around the corner from Fountain.

Tokyo – I would love to go to Tokyo and just skate around, I have no idea what kind of spots they have, but I’m convinced that the city is great.

Skating new spots, and spots you didn’t expect to find is always the best feeling though, so hopefully that’s the kind of spots I’ll be skating in 2017.

SEB, Photo: Thomas Kring

Seb, Tailslide Photo: Thomas Kring

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