Lodge Guest, Dannie Carlsen

backside kickflip Photo: jguliagonzarles

Name: Danni Carlsen

Current: Job / school: skateboarder in the daytime, cleaner in the nighttime

Where are you from? Ama’R!

Where do you currently live? Ama’R!

What nationaly do you feel the most? Ama’R!

Age: 23

Sponsors: Alis, Globe Europe, Ricta, Lab CPH, Orgreen, Thunder trucks

Years of skateboarding: 14

Board size: depends on what I feel

Wheel size: 53

Trucks: 147

I change set up every: every second week

Current Board trend: my trend B-)

Danni,Fælledparken, 2016  Photo: Thomas Kring

Danni,Fælledparken, 2016 Photo: Thomas Kring


Please state your type of terrain on your board in hours, days and years or other

Street: 35%

(Skatepark) Flow Street: 20%

Miniramp: 40%

Long board: haha

Vert: 5%

Bowl: 35%

Freestyle: 100%


Please tell us about your daily DAY by the hours, (or tell us about your longest day the last week’s) we want to know how your day is looking like


09.00 ZzzzZZZzzzZ

10.00 time to get up

11.00 go to netto Supermarked to buy egg and bacon

12.00 eat egg and bacon

13.00 out the door

14.00 head to wonderland

15.00 baking

16.00 baking

17.00 skating


20.00 baking

21.00 skating

22.00 skating

23.00 go to work

24.00 cleaning

01.00 cleaning

02.00 cleaning

03.00 cleaning

04.00 go home and sleep


How are you doing at the moment? Freezing but good

How is your body at the moment, (injuries, knees, back, and so)? No injuries at the moment, 7 9 13

When did you start to skate and why? What tricked you into this? I probably started skating during the time I went to school with my brother and Thomas Roupé, because it looked cool, and I didn’t need a team to start, I could just do it by myself whenever I wanted to.

Do you think you made the right choice (instead of playing football FX?)? Definitely!

Anything that influences you at the moment? Feeling economically unstable

Please comment your feelings, memories (if you are that old) & know how about Skateboarding in the

80s it is a bit weird with the fish skateboards

90s I am very inspired by this period

2000+ it’s catching on fire!

2010+ it’s all right.

Do you feel skateboarding is in a good way? yes

Where do you stand & please comment with skateboarding in the Olympics? I think it’s cool because it’s probably just gonna be like a regular contest

Where do you stand in terms of politics? Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense to me, people promising things left and right but only bullshit comes out of it

When I chill, I chill with, Baske Glenn, Island, Bjørn, and the wonderland people

I’m have been on a mission lately in (with) Madrid with Risvad, Jais, Hønen, and Bjarne

Dream session would be, mini ramp session with Daewon Song, Chris Hasling, Michael Jensen and René Villumsen

Lately I have been working on, stacking street footage

When I was little I would like to, be a goldsmith

When I’m home I like to, do nothing

I normally call my homies for, something to happen

I enjoy going to, my girlfriend’s house


Beer: Faxe kondi

Wine: Faxe kondi

Liquor: Jameson and cola

Breakfast: egg and bacon

Lunch: nutella

Dinner: my girlfriend’s food

Late-night snack: food from yesterday

Resturant: Vagabondos

Skatepark: my sidewalk

Skate spot: spots around the corner

Skate film / clip: YouTube

You fave Tricks: kickflip

When I travel, I always bring, my board, toothbrush, and shoes

Best travel advice I can give is, to just have fun

Are you good with money (do you plan, safe it, cash in or blow it)? No, I’m broke

Do you care about your health? yes

Anything that concerns you at the moment? Everything

When I get old I want to, die happy

I should do more of, eating


Photo: unknown, credit coming, when we get the information

Photo: Jguiliegonzalez

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