2016-2017 Lodgelights with Tobias Just

Tobias just

Tobias just

Please name 5 random things that you want to HIGHLIGHT & WHY for 2016

  1. I had some paintings at Got It For Cheap art exhibition
  2. Sidewalk cali tour
  3. Me and some friends got a artstudio, it’s so much fun
  4. Me and some friends did an art exhibition, it was the shit!
  5. I made the graphics for the new sidewalk boards

  Please name 5 things that you want to DO and HIGHLIGHT for 2017 and why

  1. Shredderslodge X Sidewalk Cali tour
  2. More art exhibitions!
  3. Skate more
  4. Roskilde festival
  5. have fun

News years resolutions ?

Drink more red wine

Anything else ?

Shout out to my dawgs

Thanks to ?


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